Computed training. (1987)

Documentary №52172, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:07
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yu. Senchukov
Screenwriters:A. Samarec
Camera operators:E. Nebilickij, G. Kreps
Sound mixer:R. Krasiljnikova
Other authors:K. Shashko


The film tells about the training of computer specialists in the USSR and the structure of training centers.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pages of the book "The Apostle", first printed in Russia by Ivan Fedorov.

The first printer Ivan Fedorov at the printing press, the process of printing sheets of the book (staging).

Production of printed products in a modern printing house.

Data on the monitor screen.

Computer keyboard, insulators of a high-voltage power line (combined shooting).

The faces of computer operators, car bodies on the conveyor (combined shooting).

The girl at the computer keyboard.

Equipment and interior view of one of the premises of the computing center, the center staff at work.

Map of the USSR indicating the centers of the intersectoral training system.

A sign with the name of the All-Union Intersectoral Research and Training Center for Computing and Computer Science.

The educational process in one of the classrooms of the center.

The director of the center, P.S. Puparev, talks about a differentiated approach to computer training of specialists in research and training centers, about the number of specializations, about work based on the principles of economic calculation, about the age and job range of students (synchronously).

Students of the courses during a computer science class.

Types of streets in Minsk.

Panorama of the square and the architectural complex of the Minsk Scientific and Educational Center.

View of the building of the training and computing center.

The director of the center S.I. Spiridovich talks about the work of the center, about the material and technical base of the center (synchronously).

Panorama of equipment in one of the training rooms of the center.

Lesson in one of the computer classes, the teacher gives advice to one of the listeners.

The faces of listeners working at computers.

The preparation of the program by one of the listeners.

Students in an auditorium equipped with technical means of training - televisions and a codoscope.

The teacher demonstrates visual aids using a codoscope.

The faces of the teacher and listeners.

The teacher with the help of television means conducts a video demonstration of rare and hard-to-reach processes.

The educational process carried out with the help of television equipment.

Issuance of books to the library of the Minsk Center.

Listeners at the tables of the library's reading room.

Spiridovich talks about the research and development activities of the center, about the improvement of the educational process (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Books and educational and methodical documentation on the shelves of the library storage.

Internal types of storage, a library employee selects literature.

Types of streets and buildings in Tbilisi.

The teacher of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute M.A. Alikhanashvili speaks about the creative cooperation of the Tbilisi Scientific and Educational Center with higher educational institutions of the republic, about expanding the possibilities of training specialists in computer technology (synchronously).

Making a drawing using a computer.

People are resting on the shore of the pond (panorama).

High school students during a class in a computer lab.

The head of the center's sector, M.M. Zakutashvili, talks about teaching computer literacy to young people, about creating a propaganda train promoting the achievements of computer technology (synchronously and behind the scenes), a panorama of a computer classroom, students work at computers.

The campaign train "Komsomolets of Georgia" passes by the station.

Personal computers "Agat" in one of the train cars.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Moscow [820] Minsk [972] Tbilisi [859]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Local schoolchildren and young people enter the computer car of the Komsomolets of Georgia campaign train and get acquainted with working on computers.

Young people are trained to work on a computer, the faces of teachers and listeners.

Study of the device of the computer system unit and its individual elements.

The campaign train is on its way.

View of one of the new quarters of Tashkent (from above).

View of the building of the Central Asian branch of the Moscow Scientific and Educational Center.

The director of the branch B.S. Zahidov talks about his work, about the profiles of training specialists (synchronously).

Students during the next practical lesson.

Inserting a floppy disk into the drive, the listener at the computer.

The data of the new program is displayed on the monitor screen.

Students at a practical lesson on the maintenance of computer equipment, equipment of the classroom.

Diagnosis by one of the listeners of a faulty block of the electrical circuit of the computer.

One of the listeners is working with an oscilloscope.

Troubleshooting in a computer using a logic analyzer developed by the staff of the center.

Data on the monitor screen.

Types of streets of Kazan.

The building of the Kazan Scientific and Educational Center.

View of a part of the computer training hall.

Listeners work at computers, data is displayed on monitor screens.

Foreign students in one of the training classes of the center, the faces of the listeners.

The Cuban listener talks about the large amount of Soviet computer equipment supplied to Cuba, about the need for a sufficient number of specialists to service it, about the creation by the center of favorable conditions for successful training (synchronously, in Spanish, through an interpreter).

Foreign students while learning to work on computers.

Bulgarian engineer Panayotov talks about computer technology produced in Bulgaria, about the continuous exchange of training specialists between Bulgaria and the USSR (synchronously).

A computer in one of the classrooms.

Director of the All-Union Intersectoral Research and Training Center for Computing and Computer Science Puparev speaks about the main directions of development of the intersectoral training system for computer specialists, about increasing the number of specialists in computing complexes and systems, about expanding the network of research and training centers, from systematic technical re-equipment (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Panorama of one of the computer classes.

Samples of new computer technology.

Interior view of the cafe-bar of the scientific and educational center, the bartender at the counter.

Listeners at the cafe tables.

The tour bus is traveling along the road.

Listeners during a visit to the memorial in Khatyn.

Listeners lay flowers on the graves.

Flowers laid at the foot of the monument, view of the monument.

The building of the Minsk Scientific and Educational Center.

The campaign train "Komsomolets of Georgia" is on the way.

The building of the training center in Tashkent.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Georgia [83] Tashkent [860] The Republic of Tatarstan [752] Moscow [820] Belarus [2] Georgia [83] Tashkent [860]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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