No other way out.. (1989)

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Director: Smirnov Yu.

Script writers: Ruchinskij V.

Operators: Kasatkin I.


Influence of application of chemicals on the environment industry, solutions to this problem. By order of the State Agrochemical Association.

Industry | Ecology | Chemistry

Sectors of the economy | Geography and Nature | Science

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Yasnaya Polyana, park alley.

View of the pond.

House-Museum of the trees.

Withered tree in the park.

Shchekino "Azot", the gates at the entrance to the territory.


Meeting of the district public.

On the podium man.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

Persons older people.

Ruins closed and demolished shops.

View of the river.

Chemical plant on the coast.

Smoke on the ground.

The movement of vehicles on the city streets.

Factory pipe.

Shop metallurgical plant, pouring molten metal, sparks fly.


The branches of wither tree on the background of the industrial landscape.

Panorama of the city.

Chronicle of 1930:

Detail of the meeting devoted to the mass application of chemicals the national economy.


Tractor fertilizes the field.

Production of woolen yarn.

Automatic line release plastic cups.

They operate machines in the weaving shop.

Panorama of the territory of the industrial enterprise.

Construction of the plant for production of mineral fertilizers.

Facilities Fergana "Azot".

Pointer at the entrance to the territory of Odesa Portside Plant named after Komsomol of Ukraine.

View of the parking lot in front of the main building of the Resurrection NPP "Fertilizers".

Grodno "Azot" named S.O.Pritytskogo.

Factory buildings.

By rail wagons go.

The ship at the pier, harbor cranes.

The field is Combine Harvester.

Spikes swaying in the wind.

Photos of products factories.

Animation: the percentage of the production of synthetic fibers in the world.

People on the streets of the city.

Railway freight train.

Store name on the buildings.

Queues in shops stretch along the streets.

Cargo ships at berth.

Panorama of the chemical factory.

Factory construction.

View of the chemical company from the opposite bank of the pond.

Industrial waste: phosphogypsum.

Obsolete equipment: granulation tower.

Ammonium nitrate dust at the foot of the towers.

General view of the tower.

Installation for the production of nitric acid.

Toxic emissions.

Panorama of Grodno "Azot".

Factory construction.

Department of Nature Conservation.

Employees of the department leaf documents.

Pages ecological passport of the enterprise.

Top view of a sewage treatment plant.

The newspaper "Grodno chemist."

Meeting of the editorial board.

The ruins of buildings of closed enterprises.







Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Operators at the control panel.

Control of the catalytic purification of nitrogen oxides.

The pipe with filter.

Factory construction.

Production of ammonia, a man opens the shutter.

Reforming furnace.

Powered homogeneous cleaning.

The specialist conducts research in the laboratory.

Granulation tower to produce a new type of urea.

Factory construction.

Work closes the valve.

Oil under the flask.

Automatic production line anti-corrosion coating, "Movil".

Scientist conducting experiments in the laboratory.

Industrial waste: phosphogypsum.

Processing of phosphogypsum in the Resurrection chemical plant.

Loading phosphogypsum into boxcars.

Panorama phosphorus career.

In a career working mining machinery.

At the edge of the quarry dump trucks ride.

The area given over to land reclamation.

Saplings of coniferous nursery.

Chemical plant on the river bank.

Factory construction.

Cooling tower.

Discharge of waste water.

Warning sign on the bank of the pond.

Thermal treatment facilities.

Steam escapes from the chimney.

Panorama treatment plant bio-based businesses around.

Aeration system.

Artificial reservoir Grodno "Azot".

The man is fishing on the shore.

Lake View.

Panorama of the chemical enterprise.

People on the streets of the city.

Factory construction.

Freight wagons.

Manufacture of glass.

Near the wagons folded stack of bags of fertilizers.

Natural scenery, on the edge of the forest strip wakes ammonium nitrate.

Wheels wagons ammonium nitrate on the rails.

Automatic packaging of fertilizers in the plant.

View of a chemical factory.

Trees and bushes in the foreground tree branches wither.