Intensive technology of milk production. (1989)

Documentary №52187, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:15
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Taravkova E.



The film reveals the meaning of industrial technology, intensive systems of milk production.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The tractor is working in the field.

Panorama of the territory of the Gosplemzavod "Lesnoye".


Employees of the enterprise.

Cows are walking across the field.

The cow is a record holder for the return of milk.

Interview with the management of the plant.

Honorary banners.

Loading peat onto dump trucks.

Tillage and stone extraction.

The introduction of peat into the soil.

Grass on the field.


Dairy cows graze on the field.


A worker takes care of a cow.

Sawdust is poured into the stall.

The worker wipes the udder.

Accounting for cow milk yield.

Portable devices are used during milking.

Feeding of animals taking into account the specific milk yield.

Cows graze on a cultural pasture.

Cows move to another field.

Bulls of the Holstein dairy breed.

Map of the use of the Holstein dairy breed in the USSR.

All-Union Breeding Center for black-and-white breed.

The Institute prepares seed for artificial insemination of cows for the plant.

Checking the seed in the farm.

Information about the cow.

The loader carries feed for cows.

Examination of the cow by a veterinarian.

Transfer of the cow to the maternity ward.

Calving cows.

The calf is left next to the mother.

The calf rises to its feet.

A worker feeds a calf with milk.

Key words

the calf.

Calendar: 1989


Gosplemzavod "Lesnoye"

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Feeding calves.

Calves graze in a separate field.

Special service for the accounting and analysis of the herd.

The schedule for milk yields.

The loader carries vegetables for feeding cows.

Haymaking of perennial grasses.

Harvesting hay from the field.

Loading hay into storage.

Control milking.

Measure the amount of milk from each cow.

In the laboratory, cows are tested for mastitis.

The fat content of milk, the amount of protein and milk sugar are checked.

Table "Comparative data of average milk yield and fat content".

A card for each cow, where, in addition to milk yield, live weight and fatness are recorded.

The milkmaid wipes the cow's udder.

A sign of a cow named Glaze.

The diet of a particular cow.


Children drink milk at the table.

Children's playground.

New buildings.


Schoolchildren work in the school garden.

Apple tree flowers.

Professional development classes for employees.

The review is a competition among the company's employees.

Awarding of winners.

Interview of the winners.

Medals received by animals at breeding cattle shows.

Awarding the farm for success in work.

Performance of the folk ensemble.

A tractor with a trowel is driving through a field with mown hay.

Hoopoes run around the field.

Milk tanks are going to the dairy.

Key words

Mode of life.

Calendar: 1989


Gosplemzavod "Lesnoye"

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