Helicopter pilot, attention! Blizzard.. (1990)

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Director: Yurlovskij V.

Script writers: Yurlovskij V.

Operators: Shkundov Yu.


Educational film gives an idea about the nature of education blizzards and actions of the helicopter crew in these conditions.

Air transport

Transportation | Sectors of the economy | Aviation

Reel №1

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Helicopter landing on the snow-swept airfield, from the blades of the rotor rises in a Blizzard, covering the helicopter from the observer's eye.

Helicopters making a landing in a Blizzard.

Winter forest from the cockpit of a flying helicopter.

Landing in a Blizzard helicopter.

The view from the cockpit of a helicopter landing in a Blizzard, the pilot in the cockpit.

Scheme of weak, medium and strong vortex (animation), the pilot in the cockpit of a helicopter, the view from the cockpit.

Hovering over the snowy ground helicopter scheme "air cushion" between the screw and the surface of the earth (animation).

Illustration of landing on different platforms (animation), the view from the cockpit of the helicopter.

The scheme of planting and education "airbag" at different wind speed (animation).

The helicopter pilots prepared for takeoff, the view from the helicopter on the pad, spun the propeller of a helicopter.

Helicopter taxis on the runway area, the view from the cockpit, the face of one of the pilots.

The order of takeoff of the helicopter in conditions of snow swirl, the pilot in the cockpit, the view of the dashboard.

Flying helicopter taking off, the faces of the pilots view from the cockpit.

Coming on Board the helicopter.

Landing a helicopter with a run on the snowy ground.

The faces of the pilots.

Rotating the screw, the hand of the pilot on the tiller, the view of the dashboard.

To gain altitude, the helicopter, the scheme of the kit in snowdrift (animation).

Flying a helicopter, the view from the cockpit, the faces of the pilots.

The order of landing "in a helicopter", a General view of site with landing the helicopter, the view from the cockpit, part of the dashboard.

Air transport
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation