Chekhov.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bubrik S.

Script writers: Bubrik S.

Operators: Efimov E.

Composers: Ivanov-Radkevich N.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Ermilov A.


The film is dedicated to the life and creative work of the Great Russian Writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov. City of Taganrog. Museum of Anton Chekhov. Exhibits and artifacts. The church, theater, the former gymnasium. Landscapes of the Azov Sea, the steppes. City Istra (Voskresensk), where Chekhov worked as district doctor. Landscapes neighborhoods, the river Istra. City of Moscow. Pictures of Moscow 19 th century. Museum of Anton Chekhov on the Lawn-Kudrinskaya street, the museum. Siberia. Yenisei River. Landscapes of Siberia. Railroad tracks. Sakhalin Island. Port Aleksandrovsk. Streets and buildings. The house in which he lived Chekhov. Landscapes of the Island. Museum-Estate "Melikhovo. Buildings area of exposure. Landscapes neighborhoods (winter and summer surveys). Crimea. Landscapes of the Crimea, the Black Sea. City Yalta. The monument to Chekhov. Chekhov House-Museum. Exhibits, exhibits. Sad. M. Chekhov at his desk in the garden, 1954. A friend of the writer Teleshov at home, 1950. Photos of Anton Chekhov, his family, relatives, friends. Documents and personal belongings of Anton Chekhov. Articles, Chekhov's stories in magazines of 19 century. Lifetime editions of Anton Chekhov. Photos of the actors of the Moscow Art Theater (MAT). Knipper-Chekhov tells about the first performance of the play "The Seagull" (synchronous). Fragments of feature films (synchronous): "The Wedding" (starring: FG Ranevskaya, E. P. Garin), "Jubilee" (starring: AP Zuev, Toporkov), "Grasshopper" (Starring: LV Celikovskaya, SF Bondarchuk), "Man in a Shell" (starring: NP Khmelev, MI Zharov), "The Bride" (starring: T. Piletskaya, Yu Puzyrev). Fragments of the Moscow Art Theater productions of plays by Chekhov (synchronous): "Uncle Vanya" (starring: Anastasyeva, chrome, Gubanov, Orlov), "The Cherry Orchard" (starring: Kachalov, IM Moskvin, B. G . Dobronravov).

Reel №1

A book, seen the portrait of Chekhov with the inscription "AP Czechs.


Volume I ».

Streets of Taganrog.

Sea of ​​Azov, the steppe - PNRM.

Garden, Chekhov's house with a plaque.

One of the rooms, the kitchen.

Portrait of parents Chekhov.

Family portrait.


Trade Shop father AP Chekhov.

Former Taganrog gymnasium, where he studied AP Czechs.

Student report card grade 5 AP Chekhov.

Portrait of Chekhov at school.

External and internal appearance of Taganrog Theatre.

Photo: old Moscow, Pipe square, one of the streets of Moscow University.

Student ticket Chekhov.

Animation: journals that published Chekhov, his article.

Portraits brothers Alexander, Nicholas and Anton Chekhov.

Turns the pages of the book Chekhov's "Tales of Melpomene."

Certificate in Chekhov University School of Medicine.

Streets of Istria - LS.

Near Moscow landscape: forest, river.

Portrait Levitan.

Chekhov's book "First Stories".

Illustrations for stories.

A scene from the play "The Wedding."

Reel №2

Excerpts from the film "The Wedding": speaking Groom (Erast Garin) with mother (synchronously).

Excerpts from the film "Jubilee": the scene in the lobby of the bank (Merchutkina - Zuev, accountant - Toporkov) (synchronously).

Portrait of the writer Grigorovich with an inscription.

House in Moscow on Lawn Kudrinskaya Street where AP Czechs.

One of the rooms.

Desk, hit a manuscript.

Portrait of Chekhov - CU.

Portrait of Tchaikovsky.

Oil lamp on the table.

Page of the book "Gloomy people" with a dedication Chekhov PI Tchaikovsky.


Landscape (with motion).

Dirty country road.

Yenisei River - LS.

Surf on Sakhalin.

Settlement Alexandrovsk, one of the streets.

House in which he lived Chekhov.

The plaque on the house.

Entries AP Chekhov Census Sakhalin.

Photos: convict shackle, convicts at work.

PNRM. by the journal "Russian idea" where work was published Chekhov's "Sakhalin Island."


Pages of the book: the story of "The House № -6».

Reel №3

Spring landscape near Moscow, the estate Melikhovo.

Animation: manuscript Chekhov.

Excerpts from the film "The Grasshopper": Tselikovskaya and Bondarchuk (synchronously).

Photo: AP Czechs sitting on the bench.

Melikhovo - LS.

Country road.

The school, built by Chekhov.

The plaque on the school - CU.

Portraits AP Chekhov and his sister Mary.

Illustrations to Chekhov's story "Guys."

House mansion, where he lived Chekhov.

Excerpts from the film "The Man in a Case": Belikov - NP Khmelev teacher - M. Zharov (synchronously).

Wing of the house.

Billboard first performance of the play "The Seagull" at the stage of the Imperial Theatre in St.

Petersburg Alexandria.

Photo: A group of actors of the Moscow Art Theatre and Chekhov.

Portraits of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Reel №4

Poster of the first performance of the play "The Seagull" at the Arts Theatre.

About the play tells the OP Knipper-Chekhova (synchronously).

The emblem in the form of a seagull on the curtain of the Art Theatre - MS.

A scene from the play "Uncle Vanya" by artists of the Art Theatre Anastasiev - as Elena Andreevna Khromova - as Sony, Gubanov - as Astrov, Orlov - as Wynn (synchronously).

Winter in Melikhovo.

Wing of the house.

Black sea, surf

Yalta - LS.

House of Chekhov in Yalta.

Plaque with the inscription "AP Chekhov. "

Dining room.

Portrait FI Chaliapin.

Picture of Nicholas Pavlovich Chekhov "Poverty."

Palm branches - CU.

Veranda of the house of Chekhov.

Photo: Chekhov on the balcony.

The view from the balcony.

Cabinet Chekhov.

Fireplace in the study.

Levitan's paintings: "Haystacks in the moonlight", "Istra River.

Reel №5

Photos: LN Tolstoy, a house in Livadia, Chekhov and Tolstoy on the balcony, AM Gorky, Chekhov and Gorky in the garden.

Chekhov's refusal letter from the title of honorary academician - CU.

Bookcase in my office.

Books in the closet.

Wooden dish.

Portfolio - CU.

Medical instruments Chekhov - MS.

A scene from Act IV of the play "Three Sisters": Masalsky as Tuzenbach, Yanshin - as Chebutykin.

The bronze casket.

The manuscript "The Bride."

Excerpts from the film "Bride": Nadia - Piletskaya Sasha - Bubbles (synchronously).


Study, see the doors to the bedroom.


Wardrobe in the bedroom.

A scene from the play "The Cherry Orchard": monologue Gaev (as Gayev USSR People's Artist Vasily Kachalov) (synchronously).

Reel №6

A scene from the play "The Cherry Orchard": EPIKHODOV - IM Moskvin Yermolai A. - Dobronravov.

Garden of the house in Yalta.

Photo: Chekhov on the garden bench.

"Gorky" bench in the garden.

The garden is my sister, AP Chekhov's Masha Chekhov, sitting on a bench in the garden, writing at a table.

Book ND Telesheva - CU.

ND Teleshev at home, reading a note about Chekhov (synchronous) - LS., CU.

Tomb Chekhov in Yalta - hitting, MS.


PNRM. the books of AP Chekhov in different languages.

Portrait of Chekhov - CU.