Water.. (1972)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Afanasjeva N.

Script writers: Gruzinov E.

Operators: Gorchukov A.


The film tells about the properties of water, the processes taking place in aqueous solutions, the quality of natural waters, the use of their human problems of water purification. By order of the Central Vuzfilm lab out of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR.

Chemistry | Educational films | Ecology

Reel №1

Storm surges.

Mountain stream.

The ice in the ocean.

The spring flood.

Winter natural landscape.

Clouds cover the sun.

Ice "pancake" on the water.

The structure and properties of water.

Animation: the chemical elements of the periodic table.

Animation: the dependence of the boiling point of hydrogen compounds by their molecular weight, multi-colored flame.

Ice crystals.

Animation: the melting point of hydrogen compounds.

Boulders on the cracked earth, volcanic gases.


River rapids.

Animation: the formation of water molecules.

Animation: the structure of the water molecule.

Layouts molecules and connections between them.

The structure of the ice.

Animation: ice crystals, snowflakes.

A piece of ice.

Melting of ice pieces in a Petri dish.

Animation: the structure of water.

The water in the glass.

Freezing water at lower temperatures.

Chunks of ice.

Colorful flames.

Models of water molecules and the hydrogen bonds.

Pieces of ice falling into the glass and start to melt.

The structure of the ice.

The tube with the solution of paraffin wax and slices fall sink.

Animation: density of water at different temperatures, the formation of ice in the reservoirs.

Water boils in the flask on the fire.

Animation: break the hydrogen bonds between water molecules.

Pieces of ice melt and slide on a hot surface, then record shows the opposite direction.


Animation: the change in viscosity liquids at pressure changes.

Splashes of water.

Reel №2

Flasks with colored solutions.

Multicolored drops.

A solution of sodium chloride with aniline colored balls.

Drops of dew on the petals.


Water rises along the ground.

Seagulls in the clouds.

Fishermen make their way by boat through the network.


Animation: the structure of water.

Solar patches of light on water.

Animation: the arrangement of atoms in a molecule, the shape of the water molecule, the charge distribution.

Water Properties: crystallization, melting, boiling.

Three-dimensional model of water.

Water - the chemical reagent.

Solar patches of light on water.

Bromobenzene in water emulsion.

Dissolving ionic compounds in water.

Scheme dissolution in water of a crystal salt.

Animation: the charge distribution of the molecules in solution, thermal motion, electrostatic field, the strengthening of ties.

Model crystalline.

Animation: the growth of potash alum crystals under the microscope.

Samples alum.

Natural minerals.

The experimental setup for the removal of water from the crystalline heat.

Experiments on the hydrolysis of salts (striping filming in the lab and animation).

EXAMPLE irreversible hydrolysis to release calcium hydroxide and acetylene.

Samples of rocks.

Three-dimensional model of water (blurred image).


Reel №3

Preparation and purification of water.

Natural landscapes, watercourses.

Scientists in the boat taking water samples.

Various containers with water.

Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the amount of free oxygen in the water.

Flasks for sanitary-bacteriological experiments.

Apparatus for the purification of water by distillation.

Animation: the nightlife of a large city.

Forest on the banks of the river.

Scientist stirs the water in the flask.

Microorganisms in water under a microscope.

Operate wastewater treatment plants.

The water in the sump.

Animation: the settling of suspended particles.

Shop filtering.

Water flowing from the taps.

Plant equipment.

Laboratory experiments to determine the hardness of the water.

Steam boilers.

Animation: wet filter.

Birch Grove.

The dirt on the surface of ponds.

Control treatment facilities.

The wastewater treatment plant, the canal circling gulls.

Water goes into the drain.

Stages of water aeration.

Bacteria under the microscope.

Operate wastewater treatment plants.

Secondary clarifier.

Clear water in the pond.

Water purification from petroleum products.

Discharge of treated water into the reservoir.

Forest on the banks of the river.

Tidal bore.

The spring flood in the forest.

River flows.

Storm on the sea.