Comic (Marxist-Leninist aesthetics).. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Chernyavskij L.

Script writers: Lukjyanov B.

Operators: Maslenkov M.


Educational film for students. It recommended by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR as a textbook for higher educational institutions.

Educational films

Reel №1



Laughing child.

Children ride attraction in the park.

Face of laughing children and adults.


Laughing Baby.

Teens having fun on the rides.

Children splashing in the sea.

Excerpt cartoon.

Neighing horse.

The circus tamer with a monkey.

The handler with a bear.

Natural scenery.

Mountain waterfall.

Sea waves.

Sea view from the cliffs.

Forest on the banks of the river.

Animation: from the darkness arise theatrical masks and paper dolls silhouettes against a background of a theater curtain, an increasing number of books on the table.

Images of monuments of history and architecture on a black background.


Animation: illustrations of the ancient Greek epigram.

Antique vessels.

Opens ancient history textbook.

Images of monuments of history and architecture on a white background.

The streets of modern Rome, the rain.


Images chimeras decorating Catholic cathedrals.

Figurines and masks of the devil.

Dissolve: Image chimeras, photo-negative.

Pictures: satirical portraits.


Animation: closed and open book on table.

Fragments of paintings reproductions Vasily Perov 'Collegiate meal. "

A selection of the cartoons of the well-known historical events.

Cartoons on the pages of books.

Mask and silhouetted against a theater curtain.

The curtain is expanded.

Question mark.

Children and adults in the room laughing.

Scale radio excerpt radio play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Truth is well, but happiness is better".

Key words

Humor. Satire.

Reel №2

Theatre and movie posters.

An excerpt of the film "Volga-Volga".


A fragment of the play "The Bug" at the Theater of Satire.

Posters, photographs, an open book.

Images of ancient bas-reliefs and sculptures.

On the black background there are ancient mask.


An excerpt of the film "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross".


Manuscripts Lenin.

Quotes from the abstract of Lenin.

Animation: the combination of photographs and cartoons.

Dolls from a puppet theater for adults.

Animation: a selection of the series of cartoons of the story.

Animation: open theater curtain, on stage there are different characters.

Animation: Ch.S.Chaplina dance on the silver screen.

Photos of famous comedians.

Pages satirical magazines and newspapers.

Animation: whirling kaleidoscope of cartoons.

Fragments of paintings from different epochs.

Key words

Humor. Satire. Theatrical performances. Art films.


YV Nikulin - Film actor, circus performer, presenter, People's Artist of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of Socialist Labor.
Morgunov EA - Actor, film director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
Vitsin GM - Film and theater actor, People's Artist of the USSR.
Igor Ilyinsky - Actor and film and theater director, master of artistic expression, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.
Antimonov SI - Film and theater actor, playwright.
Mironov MV - Film and stage actress, People's Artist of the USSR.