Eureka 1989 № 10

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Rovnin K.

Reel №1

In newsreel seven stories.

The first part.

1. Plot of the pygmy hippo, born in Kaliningrad Zoo.

Pygmy hippo in the pool playing with a ball.

Employee zoo hippo leads the corridor.

The technician measures the length of the body behemoth.

Hippopotamus eating food from a bowl.

Lab stroking behemoth.

2. Plot introduces the laboratory in which the architects to check artificial lighting illuminance future buildings at different times of day.

View domed laboratory building.

Interior view of the laboratory in which the walls and ceiling fitted appliances.

Architects rearrange models of buildings on the site in the central part of the lab.

A camera mounted in front of the experimental site, captures different position layouts.

Models of buildings on the display computers, which works for the architect.

3. Plot of the predator from the order of arachnids - phalanges (solpugi).

Phalanx runs on sand.

Phalanx eating insect.

Snake crawling on the sand.

4. Plot how to fish scales can determine the age of fish.

Drawings of fish scales.

Scientist studying scales through a microscope.

Lab technician in the laboratory a photographic exhibit, which captures fish scales.

Researcher encircles pencil on photos age rings.

Goldfish in an aquarium.

5. Plot of heavy dump trucks, produced by the Belarusian Automobile Plant in

Zhodino (near


Type of industrial career.

Laden ore dump pass into a career.

Assembly shop BelAZ heavy dump; working in the shop for work.

BelAZ stand in the brickyard.

The second part.

6. Plot of the lamprey, her life in the sea and in the river.

Lampreys in the river.

Lamprey in the aquarium.

Worker holding a lamprey.

Lampreys attach themselves to the aquarium fish.

Researcher takes water from the river lamprey with caviar.

Caviar lampreys.

Lamprey larvae - peskoroyki aquarium.

7. Plot of the old pharmacy in

Lviv, which has become a museum.

Building Pharmacy Museum.

Signboard with the logo of Medicine (snake bowl) and the date 1735 underneath hanging on chains inscription "Pharmacy Museum".

Interiors and exhibits Pharmacy Museum.

8. Plot of Zverkov lagomorphs - senostavkah.

Senostavki on rocky forest area.

Senostavka eating hay.

Female with cubs.

Key words

Wildlife. Objects of public leisure recreation (zoos). Architecture. Zoology. Automotive industry. Road transport. City. Museums. Pharmacy business.