Eureka № 3 (1988)

Newsreel №52263, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Rajtburt S.

Reel №1

In eight newsreel scenes.

The first part.

1. Plot about how the cat nursed four cubs sable.

Cells in the territory of an animal farm.

In the cage are young sable.

Cells pass cat.

Employee passes through the territory of an animal farm.

Cat feeds sable.

Kittens playing with each other and with calves sable.

Cat leads his family to hunt.

2. Plot about how to obtain artificial gems (fianite).

Group of Africans has been producing artisan gems (newsreels).

The process for producing the artificial gems in the shop.

3. Plot tells about how to operate the wings of insects.

Butterfly in flight.

Animation illustrating the operation of a butterfly's wings.

4. Plot of the machine engineer Suhodrevskogo, which is used for lifting.

Man lifted by machine Suhodrevskogo the trunk of pine and the wall of an industrial building.

5. Plot of excavated and restored home of primitive man, built from the bones of animals.

The reconstructed house from the bones and skin of animals in the hall of the museum.

The second part.

6. Plot of crustaceans, barnacles (barnacles), living in the seas.

Barnacles and their larvae in the aquarium (macro).

7. Plot of the artist's works F.Vikerova performed on a nutshell.

Nuts, ground, walnuts, pine in a glass dish.

F.Vikerov puts on walnut shells picture, and then cut it with a special tool.

Portraits of men on the shell of a walnut.

8. Plot of the first lessons of life foals in the herd.

Herd of horses galloping across the meadow by the river.

Foals gallop of horses.

Foal running on meadow, ran to the mare, sucks milk.

Key words

Foreign countries.
Chemical industry.
Arts and crafts.

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