Moscow.. (1988)

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Director: Chivikova T.


Promotional film about vodka "Moscow."


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A bottle of vodka "Moskovskaya".

Picture of old Moscow.

Old map.

The candle flames.

On the table candle open book with embedded illustrations.


On the table beside the manuscript holder and a bottle of vodka and wine glass.


Bottle and a glass of vodka on a brilliant material.

Foam on the surface of the mash.

The old moonshine.

The label on the spread of the book with illustrations.

The branches of birch trees against the sky.

Fragments of pictures in the snow.

Russian Troika.

Dissolve: swirling the bottle of vodka.

Animation: label asleep grain product name.

Wheat grain in the barn.

Grain pours into the bag (the picture is moving in the opposite direction, grain soars upwards).

The bag of grain is a bottle.

The grain in the barn.

Dissolve: swirling the bottle of vodka.

Forest spring.


Crockery basket with vodka and snack on the edge of the hole.

The trunks of the birch trees.

The fire burning birch logs.


Ancient drawings.

Bottles of vodka.

Legs galloping horses.

Vodka on the line, the bottle is topped with a central matryoshka.

Historic glass.

Vodka on the conveyor.

Historic glass bottle standing on the sides.


A tray with vodka and a snack in the snow in front of the palace.

Festive table set against the backdrop of the snow-farmhouse.

The composition of porcelain figurines.

The factory conveyor.

Bowls vintage dimensional weights swinging against the background of the label.

Check the purity of the sample.

Sealing of bottles on the conveyor.

Animation: bottles lined up in a row, closing matryoshka.

The bottles move along the conveyor belt.

Vodka is poured from a bottle into a glass.