The Stages Of the Grand Path.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I., Setkina I.

Script writers: Kotenko I.

Composers: Muravlev A., Muradeli V.

Anouncers: Goncharov A., Khmara L.

Text writers: Kotenko I.


A review film about the Soviet Union during the period from the XX CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Congress till the 21st CPSU Congress, that is during 1956-1959.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. February 1956. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Opening of the XX Congress of the CPSU. Type the presidium of the hall. Speech by Khrushchev (sinhr.). City Donbass. Shakhtar N. mother in slaughter. Derricks oilmen of Tatarstan. Transcarpathia, timber-floating on the river Tisza. Working at the furnace hearth plant of the Stalingrad factory "Red October". From the gates of the Minsk factory leave trucks, tractors. Overlapping of the Ob River. Existing and under construction power plant, such as Kuibyshev, Bratsk, Irkutsk. Types of dams. Installation work. Moscow. The building of the national economy. There is a meeting. Presentation Soviet scientists PA Cherenkov, IM Frank, I. Tamm Nobel Prize. ANTupolev the model aircraft. Record the testimony of the satellite radio operators. Launch the space rocket. Khrushchev in one of the virgin farms. Scans of the field. Chairman of one of the Lithuanian farms V. Mirazas talking to the tractor drivers. Job milkmaids. New agricultural machinery operates in one of the Chuvash farms. Cleaning of maize in Ukrainian collective farm brigade S. Vishtak. Handing S. Vishtak Order of Lenin. Industrial landscape. Pipe-laying in the desert mountains. Construction of a chemical plant in Azerbaijan. Installation, welding. The construction of the Novosibirsk Academic town. Job excavator Nazarovo coal basin. Geologists are on the taiga, washed with diamonds. Construction of the West Siberian Metallurgical Combine. Job steelworkers. Mines Lvov-Valynskogo array. Family pensioner PN Rakov, who worked 30 years at the factory "Sickle and Hammer" in the home environment. Students in secondary school, in practice, one of the shops of the Moscow factory "Red Proletarian". Gorky Agricultural Institute. Students in the classroom. Young, departing on virgin soil at one of Moscow's train stations. City of Moscow. Meeting of Communist and workers' parties of socialist countries. The leaders signed the declaration. Including: E. Hodge, Walter Ulbricht, Mao Zedong, W. Gomulka, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, J. Kadar, Khrushchev, T. Zhivkov. Tour ensemble I. Moses in America. Speech by P. Robson Palais des Sport in Luzhniki. Clash of Japanese peasants with the police. Military invasion of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan. Speech by Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in the UN (sinhr.). Berlin stadium. The local population sees off the Soviet soldiers home. Demonstration of workers in Red Square.

Reel №1

Artist Goncharov reading poetry (synchronously).

Mountain, village, field windbreaks - LS. (Summer).

Leningrad - LS. (The plane).

Black Sea Coast - LS., Travel.

Is a freight train - LS. (Winter).

Snow-capped mountains - MS.

Rough, mountainous river rapids - LS. (Autumn).

The sun's rays breaking through the trees.

In the winter taiga is compound with tanks, smoke spreads around the engine - LS. (With a / t).

Railway freight train passes through the bridge over a mountain gorge.

Winter industrial landscape - LS.

Industrial landscapes - LS. (With a / t), (autumn).

Harvesting in the virgin fields.

Kuibyshev hydroelectric dam - LS. (With a / t).

Hydroelectric - LS. (With a / t).

Landscape: sunset over the unfrozen river, people with boats on the shore (winter).

Harvest in the virgin lands (the plane).

Landscape: a field with birches - LS.

Ate - MS.

The sun's rays in the coniferous forest - MS.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - MS., LS.

Session of the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU in the Grand Kremlin Palace - LS., MS.

Guests on the balcony in the hall of the congress.

Present in the room stood applauding - LS., MS.

NS Khrushchev of the floor of the Congress (synchronous) - MS.

The delegates in the hall listening to - MS., CU.

Workers in large companies go to work - LS. (Summer).

Miners go to work - MS. (Summer).

Workers mountain the cable car rises to work in the mountains - MS.

A team of young workers going to work.

A woman walks up the stairs to the booth working on the oil tank.

Legs workers marched on loose snow - CU.

Miners team Nikolai Mamai are in the mine to the workplace.

N. Mamai hammer coal mines - CU.

Miners in the mine working with jackhammers - CU.

Pavlov miner in a mine extracts coal cutters combine.

Pavlov says to make a commitment (synchronously).

In the mine operates Ironman harvester - CU.

With the conveyor belt flow spilling coal - CU.

Miners mine "Butovka-deep" down into the mine.

Coal mining at great depth - MS.

I. Pilipenko miner in a mine at work - CU.

Deep drilling in the mine are Lenin Prize winners Pilipenko miner, engineer Gorlov, etc. - MS., CU.

Mechanized loading coal into railroad cars - LS.

The composition of the coal at the station - LS.

Oilers Tatarstan go to work - MS.

Oilers set the drill.

Raftsman Transcarpathia brothers Sharapova driven on rough timber rafts Tissa - LS. (With a / t)., MS.

Industrial landscapes of Ukraine.

Mechanical loading of open-hearth furnaces - LS.

Steelmakers in the shop at work - MS., CU.

Steel Works "Red October» - LS. (With a / t).

Steelworker at the stove - CU.

Scrap is loaded into the furnace - CU.

Steelmaker watching melting through the viewing window - CU.

Window open hearth furnace - CU.

General view of the open-hearth shop, illuminated by the sun.

Out of the gate there is a new MAZ 40-ton dump truck - LS., MS., CU.

Earth draws a giant bucket - CU., MS.

Bucket rises from the ground - CU.

From the shop of the Moscow Automobile "ZIL" comes a new truck "ZIL-157."

Factory workers welcome a new car.

The shop Kolomna Locomotive Works comes first powerful locomotive - MS., CU.

Locomotive hurtling to the composition - MS., CU.

Railway platform with new machines of domestic production - LS., MS.

From the gates of the Minsk Tractor Plant leaves one hundred thousandth tractor, the people welcomed the tractor.

From the gates of Taganrog plant leaves one hundred thousandth of agricultural machinery combine.

Working applause the car.

Reel №2

Ladle crane with concrete supplied to armature constructed hydropower - LS.

Kuibyshev hydroelectric dam, PNRM. by bubbling water-LS.

Powerful explosion in place covering Obi - LS.

Damming the Ob, Volga, Angara - LS.

Explode basalt cliffs above the Angara - MS.

Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric station - LS.

Laying concrete reinforcement of the dam - MS., CU.

PNRM. Gorky hydroelectric dam - LS. (Winter).

Includes hand switch - CU.

Turbine Works - CU.

Builders applaud.

Irkutsk hydroelectric dam in the winter - LS.

Angara is spread over unfrozen pairs.

Works the first unit of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station.

PNRM. with the flag on the people gathered at the dam of the Volga Hydroelectric Station.

Lenin on the day of its launch at full power.

Volga Hydroelectric Station Turbine Hall - LS.

NS Khrushchev, in a solemn ceremony cuts the ribbon.

Boiling water at the dam - LS.

Portrait of VI Lenin Hydroelectric Station on the building.

Lenin - CU.

Hydroelectric dam - LS.

Balti power plant construction - LS.

Installation of turbines on Shatsky power plants.

PNRM. combined heat and power engine room Cherepetskaya - LS., MS.

Buildings CHP.

High voltage power line - MS. PNRM.

Powerful electric goes out of the depot - MS.

Electric with the composition of the way - MS.

Electric Railway - MS. (Winter).

Installation of power lines on the railway - LS.

Installers working on wires strung - MS., CU.

By installers is a locomotive with freight train.

Building Gorky Economic Council - MS. (Summer).

A sign of the Economic Council of Gorky economic areas - CU.

The scheme of the administrative division of Gorky CHX.

Factory Director "Electrostal" ME Roots in his office said the role of CHX (synchronously).

PNRM. from the plant "Electrostal" at Novo-Kramatorsk Machine Works - LS.

Recycling of metal pieces in the shop of the plant "Elektrostal» - MS., CU.

Operating unit controls the powerful - CU.

Employees of the Economic Council meeting - LS., MS., CU.

MASS MEETING companies - LS., MS.

Speeches - MS.

In the mine running new combine Lenin Prize J. Bean - MS.

In the air, "TU-114» - LS.

The pilot at the controls - CU.

Soviet scientist AN aircraft Tupolev visiting machine factory workers, examines the model of the "TU-114" making work for the Brussels Exhibition.

Two polar explorers in the village are peaceful, hardly breaking a strong wind, fixed on ice blades of the helicopter, saving it from the hurricane.

Soviet scientists at work in their laboratories.

King of Sweden, the Nobel Prize by the Soviet scientist PA Cherenkov, IM Frank, IE Tamm.

Queen at the award ceremony - LS., MS., CU.

Academician IV Kurchatov said about the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes (synchronously).

Reel №3

Laser treatment of the patient.

Examination of the patient with a laser.

Checking the quality of work in the factory with a laser.

Scientists at the lab investigate the processes occurring in plants.

Aboard the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin» - CU.

Descent icebreaker "Lenin" on water - LS., MS.

Blast-off into space - LS.

The model of the 1st Soviet satellite - MS.

Animation: 1st flight of the satellite around the globe - MS.

Hall Telegraph - LS.

Indicating instrument lights satellite.

Layout of the Earth in space.

Animation: 1st and 2nd Soviet satellites orbit the globe.

Animation: third artificial satellite orbits the Earth - CU.

Boys and girls are watching the satellite with optical instruments.

The hand presses a telegraph key, sending Morse code - CU.

Radio operator at the receiver - CU.; Tape recording broadcast - MS.

Takeoff rocket with an artificial satellite of the Sun.

Missile in the air.

Copies of foreign newspapers with articles about Soviet satellite.

The director of Pulkovo Observatory Professor Mikhailov


Poster space rocket.

Poet Sergei Mikhalkov and artist select material for the magazine.

Artist Mordasova and Voronezh choir sing ditties about flying to the moon (synchronously).

Wheat fields on the State Farm - LS., MS., CU.

NS Khrushchev and agricultural workers inspect ripening grain in the field.

A field of blooming sunflowers - LS.

Collect abundant apple harvest in the collective garden - PNRM., LS., MS.

Chairman of the collective farm.

Kirov Efremov, calf Xenia Petukhov milkmaid P. Kovrov, team leader Nikolaev at a table in the garden.

Street of the village Kalinovka Kursk region.

The general meeting of the collective farm village Kalinovka.

At the meeting, Chairperson farm V. Grachev, in the hall hangs a portrait of NS Khrushchev.

Collective farmers vote at the meeting.

Young chairman of the collective farm "Kelsvyale" agronomist Vincas Mirazas field on a motorcycle, talking with a tractor - MS., CU.

Field of ripe cotton in the Kirghiz SSR - LS.

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Halles Anar a cotton field - CU.

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Ersalyev with farmers in a cotton field, Turkmen SSR.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Comintern" Tambov region EI Andreev with books (in the garden).

EI Andreeva collective poultry house construction, examines corn seedlings.

Cows collective farm.

Comintern in the pasture.

Mass of ducks on a collective farm pond - LS.

Boxes of eggs.

Pigs grazing on the field - MS., LS.

Corn field - MS., LS.

Notable Ukrainian collective farm S. Vishtan examines corn.

The cow eats the leaves of corn - CU.

Attendant gives chickens corn cobs.

Corn harvesting machines.

Cobs are poured into the back of a car transporter.

In the works cotton harvesters.

Thrown out of the bunker harvester harvested cotton - CU.

Harvest harvesters - LS., MS., CU.

Agricultural machinery on the collective farm yard in the Chuvash ASSR.

Farm chairman SH Korotkov said at a meeting of the asset to acquire the ownership of the farm machines (synchronous).

Uzbek farmers buy agricultural machinery collective ownership - LS., MS.

Tractors are sent to farms - MS. (Spring).

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor A. Gitalov with farmers test equipment before going into the field for planting.

In the box on the tractor plowing out "C-80".

Men inspect the quality of the plowed field.

Tractor plowing the land.

Loginov tractor driver on a tractor - MS., CU.

Treatment of grain on a mechanized current - LS.

Girls pour grain in the current.

Working machines at the creamery, filled bottles on the conveyor.

Little girl drinks milk from a glass.

Farm chairman Mirazas calculates farm income.

Mirazas plays the harmonica (summer).

S. Vishtan link with his passes on the street of the village (summer).

Reel №4

Opening bronze bust twice Hero of Socialist Labor S. Vishtan.

Bust C. Vishtan - MS.

S. Vishtan with friends at the opening of the bust (summer).

Order of Lenin - CU.

NS Khrushchev talks with delegates of the XX Congress of the CPSU in the break.

AI Mikoyan, AE Furtseva, MA Suslov, A. Kirichenko on the sidelines of the congress.

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Tursunkulov the podium of the Twentieth Congress kisses NS Khrushchev, KE Voroshilov, sitting at a table A. Mikoyan and delegates of the Union Republics.

KE Voroshilov in the Kremlin presents the Order of Uzbek women.

In one of the farms country meet NS Khrushchev's "bread and salt."

Copies of major newspapers with an informational message about the December Plenum, 1959.

Workers read newspapers, talk to the shops of the plant.

The significance of the December Plenum say secretary of the Stavropol Territory Party Committee IK Lebedev (synchronously), Secretary of the District Party Committee Adamovskaya Orenburg region VA Telyakovskii (synchronously).

Construction of a chemical plant in Azerbaijan - LS., MS.

Spherical tanks in the chemical plant - LS.

Fitters and welders work - CU.

Engineer Hrulev indicates the development of the chemical industry in the USSR (synchronous), shows samples of the plant "roll", made of synthetic material - Polinar.

Equipment in the shop plastics factory "Roll» - LS. (With a / t).

Women in the shop at work.

Synthetic fiber Polinar - CU.

The threads are wound onto bobbins Polinar, PNRM. on the machine.

Tissue samples from Polinar.

Exhibition of products from artificial and synthetic materials: light and strong, industrial and domestic.

Items from the gas.

Fountain of natural gas.

Gas pipeline in a sandy desert in the middle band.

Construction of a chemical plant in the winter.

Gas pipeline in the snowy Siberian wilderness, and in the forest.

Coniferous Forest in winter - MS., PNRM.

One of the streets of Novosibirsk - LS. (With a / t).

The construction of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - LS., MS., PNRM.

Professor Trofimchuk says the wealth of the Siberian land (synchronously).

Open Nazarovsky coal mine - LS. PNRM. (With a / t).

Excavators loaded coal wagons.

Powerful bucket scoops coal - CU. PNRM. (Winter).

Siberian taiga - LS. PNRM. (The plane).

Geologists in the taiga - MS. (Winter).

Geologist, Lenin Prize VN Shchukin in the forest - MS., CU.

Mechanical washing diamonds - PNRM., CU.

The washed crystals Yakutian diamonds.

Mechanical arm picks diamond crystals - CU.

Human hand takes a large crystal - CU.

M. Surgutanov pilot in the control terminal talks about his discovery of the magnetic anomalies in Siberia - Sokolov-Sarbai mine (synchronously).

Animation: map of the mine - CU.

Mining of iron ore in the Sokolov-Sarbai open pit mine - LS. (With a / t).

Excavator working in the mine - CU., MS.

The snowy plains are surveyors with instruments.

Surveyors working on the future site of the West Siberian Metallurgical Combine.

Drive a number of builders at the site of a house for mill workers - MS. (Winter).

Construction of residential houses for the workers of the future Sokolov-Sarbai ore plant - LS., PNRM. (Spring).

Street and Town Square

Temir-Tau - LS. (Winter).

Metallurgical Combine Temir-Tau - LS. (Winter).

Open-hearth plant factory - MS.

Steelworker at the stove - MS., CU.

In the steel ladle pours - CU.

Outdoor giant mine blurs layers of rock.

Says mine excavator Kursk anomaly (synchronously).

Workers pass on the street miner's settlement on the Volga Lvov-array - MS. (Winter).

Miners go to work in the mine.

To work in the mine are brothers Malygin.

Timber-man Alex and Andron Malygin at work in the mine.

Machinist combine Anatoly kid in the mine at work - CU., MS.

With the conveyor belt flow spilling coal miner - CU.

Transporters pour coal trucks in the mine - MS.

Train driver Bazhaevs brothers in the locomotive.

Photos of the brothers at different ages.

Board performance Bazhaev brothers.

Old woman EI Bardybihinu her birthday congratulate the children and grandchildren.

I. Bardybihin for work in the shop Automobile them.


Ready buses in the shop plant them.

Likhachev - LS.

N. Bardybihin, driver's test Automobile them.

Likhachev, congratulates his mother a happy birthday.

N. Bardybihin driving a motor vehicle.

Sons EI Bardybihinoy - working Automobile them.

Likhachev and Peter Alexander - congratulate his mother.

They're in the shop at work.

Reel №5

Elderly man and woman walking in the park.

Retired PN Crayfish in a new apartment with his family.

PN Rakov said about taking care of the government (synchronously).

New houses in Moscow - PNRM., LS.

Family in new apartment - MS., PNRM.

SI Tolkachev goes to work.

SI Tolkachev watching cooking cast iron - CU., MS.

Tolkacheva son Peter, the crane operator the same plant, the work - CU.

Daughter, Galina, in the laboratory of the plant - CU.

One of the shops Khalilo-Orshansky - LS.

Family SI Tolkacheva home at the table - MS., CU.

Christmas tree in the Moscow Kremlin's St.

George Hall.

Children of primary school age in the tree.

Children in a boarding school.

Sign "Boarding school children of the North» - CU.

The building of the orphanage - CU. (Winter).

Children at school desks - CU., MS.

Kids in the kitchen peeling potatoes boarding - MS.

Students in the class of conduct chemical experience.

Children of the middle classes in the classroom and in the school workshop - CU., MS.

Girl learns to sew on the machine.

Lesson high school students at the Moscow school.

Pupils at work at the machines in the workshops of the Moscow plant "Red Proletarian» - MS., CU.

Young worker S. Nikiforov says (synchronously).

For milling machine working young frezerovschitsa Pavlova.

Pavlova says further study (synchronous).

University students in the classroom in the classrooms and laboratories.

Students on practical training in a training mine Institute.

Building Gorky Agricultural Institute - MS. (Winter).

Sign Institute - CU.

Students work at the farm.

The young man pours milk in cans - CU.

Building top agricultural college.

Students out of the building college.

Students take on a city street - MS.

Young Communists in Moscow and the region on the Red Square on the day of the fortieth anniversary of the Komsomol are sworn to the Communist Party.

Says the secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol (synchronously).

Participants in the rally on Red Square - LS., MS., CU.

KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, Kirichenko, Komsomol on the mausoleum.

Komsomol members go clean 5th virgin harvest.

Brass band plays, on the car show "In the battle for fifth virgin harvest» - CU.

Komsomol members say goodbye to the mourners from the windows of cars, a poster on the train: "Donbass is waiting for you, my young friends."

Boy and girl goodbye at the car.

A poster on the train: "In the East, the North is calling us to Motherland", the mourners waving their hands departing scouts.

Girls-builders in the Kazakhstan steppe hammered into the frozen ground plate with the inscription: "Here is an aluminum plant» - MS., CU. (Winter).

Start of construction tankhouse aluminum plant.

In the foreground is a board with the words "cell plant» - LS. (Winter).

Construction of factory buildings - LS., MS.

Start a new mine in the Donbass: young miners driven first trolley with coal, on the trolley inscription "Gift of Homeland Komsomol» - MS., LS.

Komsomol members build a blast furnace - LS., MS., CU.

The upper part of the new blast furnace "Komsomolskaya".

The bride and groom register marriage in a registry office.

Foot steps on the foot girls men - CU.

Friends and relatives congratulate the newlyweds and toasting.

Komsomolskaya wedding in the house of Culture.


The parade of athletes at the stadium.

Lenin - LS., MS.

The stands filled with spectators - LS. (Summer).

Mass actions gymnasts - LS., MS.

Master of Sports Abramov does exercises on the trapeze, lifted by helicopter over the stadium.

Skydivers make jump from a plane - MS.

Paratroopers in the air.

Reel №6

Soviet gymnast VI Chukarin perform exercises on uneven bars.

VI Chukarin - member of the Lviv City Council - takes visitors.

Sign, "City Clinical Hospital № 1 Sverdlovsk gorzdravotdela» - CU.

Physician, world champion weightlifter Arkady Vorobyov examines patients in the hospital.

Hand of a doctor with a patient phonendoscope chest - CU.

Vorob'ev raises the bar - MS.

VI World Youth Festival in Moscow.

Signing of the Declaration of the Communist and workers' parties of the socialist countries Haignere Hodge, Walter Ulbricht, Mao Zedong, W. Gomulka, Chivu Stoica, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, Janos Kadar, NS Khrushchev, Todor Zhivkov, Domb.

Copy of the declaration - CU.

The flags on the building of the socialist countries - PNRM., MS.

Soviet and foreign scientists working at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Czechoslovak scientists wrought at the control reactor says Soviet aid in the construction of a nuclear reactor in Czechoslovakia (synchronously).

PNRM. one of the streets of New York - LS.

Posters for concerts ensemble Igor Moiseyev in America - CU.

A long line of Americans in the ticket booth at the concert ensemble Moiseev (night).

Performance of Igor Moiseyev in the American theater.

The audience applauded - LS.

Poster performances Art Theater.

Bitter in England.

The audience applauded - LS.

The participants of the play "The Cherry Orchard" with flowers on stage.

Muscovites at the Luzhniki Sports Palace welcomes Paul Robeson.

Paul Robeson spoke of the joy of meeting with Soviet people (synchronously).

Bulldozers leveled the ground in the fields of Japanese peasants under foreign military bases.

The Japanese treated piece of land.

Drive a number of hands on a farm field - CU.

Outraged farmers break the barbed wire around the military base.

Clash of the people and the police.

People clash with police in Egypt.

Tank passes through the streets of the ruined city.

Amphibian comes ashore.

The invasion of the imperialists in Lebanon, Jordan.

Flying airplanes.

The woman was crying.

Protests in the Soviet Union against the invasion of the imperialists in the Arab East.

Demonstrations in the streets and squares of Moscow.

Protest in China - MS., CU.

Conference Room of the United Nations.

Soviet Foreign Minister AA Gromyko stands in the hall of the UN.

German people at the Berlin stadium accompanies the Soviet soldiers, leaving the GDR home.

Soviet soldiers out of the train waving their hands to see off.

Copy of the newspaper "Pravda" with an informational message about the September plenary session of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Mountains covered with forests - LS. (The plane).

Pilot in the cockpit of a helicopter - CU.

Helicopter over the forest.

PNRM. with snow-covered tree on a house in the forest of geologists, geologists around the house reading the newspaper outlining the seven-year plan for the national economy.

Collective reading newspapers in Tajikistan.

Copy of the newspaper "Soviet Tajikistan" with the seven-year plan of economic development.

Postman sends newspaper collective farmers - MS.

Kolkhoz girl reading "Truth" with the report, NS Khrushchev at the XXI Congress of the CPSU - MS., CU.

Azerbaijani oil rigs in the background - CU.

Oil workers, metallurgists read newspapers, discuss the report NS Khrushchev's seven-year plan - MS., LS., CU.

Reel №7

Young Communists are awarded membership cards.

Old Bolshevik VA Smolyaninov says the high honor of being a member of the Communist Party (synchronously).

Says a young communist, a garment factory worker N. Zavtrakina devotion to the Communist Party (synchronously).

The workers go through the yard depot Moscow-sorting (autumn).

Locomotives at the station.

The plaque on the building of the depot: "Here May 10, 1919, the first in the country communist Saturday» - MS., CU.

In depot repair shop has one of the first brigades of communist labor - MS., CU.

Copy of a newspaper with a photo of communist labor brigades.

Mushnikova team at work in the shop of the Moscow plant "Stankolit."

Mushnikov foreman in the shop has to fight for the title of communist labor brigades (synchronously).

Meeting weavers Kupavinskoy factory - LS.

Acts Rozhneva M. Weaver, a team that is fighting for the title of communist labor brigades (synchronously).

"Law Brigade" hanging in the shop of the plant "Uralmash» - CU.

Crew members of communist labor - MS.

Working in shops produce metal casting - different.

People of different professions.

Caspian oil workers go to work.

Industrial landscapes.

Animation: portrait of VI Lenin against changing industrial landscapes.

May Day demonstration on Red Square in Moscow - LS., MS., CU.

NS Khrushchev, KE Voroshilov on the mausoleum - MS.

In the air, flying a flag with the portrait of Vladimir Lenin - CU.