Traveling by train. (1983)

Film №52307, 1 part, duration: 0:08:46
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ostrovskij L.
Screenwriters:V. Belyakov
Camera operators:Ya. Revzin


The film tells about the tourist route by train to the city-hero.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Passenger plane takes off.

Ship floats in the sea.

People traveling in the bus.

The train leaves the tunnel.

In the train compartment, two elderly men playing chess.

In another compartment passengers reading.

View from riding the train: rails adjacent path at the side of the forest.

According to the dining car waiter comes with glasses on a tray, put the glasses on the table.

View from the window of the train traveling Forest.

The girl in the coupe looks out the window, on the table there are flowers in the vase.

In the window of the train station seen in Minsk.

Passengers sit in buses.

On the bus the inscription "Minsk Hero City".

Flowers poppies on a bed.

Central Square in Minsk.

People in the park go to the monument of Yanka Kupala, a monument to the poet in full growth.

Convoy of buses on the streets of Minsk.

The bus tour guide with a microphone tells about the city.

Buses run on a country road.

Monument and memorial complex on the site of the destroyed village of Khatyn fascists.

Sightseers visit the Brest Fortress.

Eternal flame in honor of the fallen defenders of the Brest Fortress.

View from riding the train: the forest.

Bridge on the River Dnieper, the ship on the river.

Bus parking is available.

Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, visitors visiting the church buildings.

Lots of greenery on the streets of Kiev.

Fountain in the park Train rides on the train inscription "Tourist".

The view from the train window: forests, fields.

In the train compartment, two elderly men playing chess.

Conductor is the corridor of the car tray with tea, comes in a coupe, put a glass of tea on the table.

Interior of the bus.

Sightseers go to the building of the theater in Odessa, a man photographs.

Odessa port.

Boat trip on the ship.

The view from the window of a train in the evening.

A man reading a newspaper in the compartment.

The orchestra sailors met the train arrived.

Couples dancing to the orchestra at the station.

Excursion to Sevastopol.

The city's monuments.

In the water near the shore is a monument to the wreck.

Two women talking in the compartment.

In the corridor of the car cleaner vacuums track.

The passenger window, view from riding the train: river, green banks.

City tour of Theodosius.

A crowd of tourists at the house-museum of writer A. Green.

The building of the museum of the artist Ivan Aivazovsky.

Dining car: the waiter brought the order.

People eat at the tables.

Train rides on the railway bridge.

Arriving by train to Volgograd.

The building is dilapidated houses left in memory of the war.

Memorial on Mamaev Kurgan: room with an eternal flame, sculpture in the air, the monument Motherland.

Train rides: different perspectives.

Key words

Attractions memorials

Locations: Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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