Deeps. (1987)

Film №52308, 1 part, duration: 0:08:23
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)



Temperance film.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Karate athlete preparing for a strike.

An athlete breaks a brick wall with his fist.

Crumbling layout of a multistory building.


The man at the table with a bottle and a glass in his hand.

Shark chasing fish.

Man drinks vodka.

Sharks plagued by production.

The tentacles of an octopus.

Man catches of octopus.

Alternation: break-patient detoxification center, footage of the feature film "Titanic" 1953 year, collapsing houses during the earthquake, people run away.

Parents play with their children on the riverbank.

Alternation: a woman pours water on the child's head from the can, a bottle of vodka is poured into a glass.

A man drinks a glass.

General view of the room from the entrance.

A man sitting at a table, eating in the foreground with a bird cage.

General view of the room, the man laid on the couch.

Bird in a cage.

Empty bottles and flower pot on the windowsill.

A glass with a bottle on the table.

Plate with cigarette butts.

Disorder on the table.

The hall of the crematorium, the coffin is lowered into the furnace.

Under the table, a bottle lying.

The man took the veil off the couch and halts window.

A man sits in a park at the fork of a tree and watching people.

To fit the tree and the child begins to play on the shore of the pond.

Suitable father and takes the boy.

The man's face.

Girl looking at the man and runs away to her parents.

The boy runs to his father.

Father straightens baby clothes.

A man looks like a woman playing with her daughter.

Patients undergoing detoxification center in a variety of hallucinations.

The hall of the crematorium, the coffin is lowered into the furnace.

The patient is attached to the bed, continued hallucinations.

The hall of the crematorium, the coffin is lowered into the furnace.

On the way there is a blind man.

Wetland forest pond.

A man walks along the shore of the pond.

Man chopping wood near the fire.

The man turned, his face a mask scary.

A man rushes into the pond.

Alternation: a man in a mask, a sinking man, koala on a tree.

The moon behind clouds.

A man wakes up at his desk, crying.

Crematorium, close the oven door.

Alternation: a man tries to commit suicide, falls from the couch to the floor, adults and children in the park.

The bottle is inverted, pouring vodka on the floor.

Bird in a cage.

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