France.. (1976)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Morozova A.

Script writers: Dlugach I., Halturin G.

Operators: Popov A.


Educational film in French. Designed for kinourokov in universities. By order of the central lab out "Soyuzvuzfilm" the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR.

Education | Educational films

Reel №1

Skier down the slope.

Skier waving to friends on the observation deck.

Friends waving back.

Skier rides on a slope and falls, gets up and waving to friends.

A man and a woman answering journalists' questions.

The skier down the slope.

Young people go down the corridor.

In the studio, the guests sit at the table, spread out books, magazines and other benefits.

Young people represent and talk about themselves.

France map on the wall.

Map of Northern France.

Ancient castles and fortresses.

Photos attractions and natural scenery, behind the scenes story of the sound field, appearing on the screen.

Top view of the coast.

Waves crashing against the rocks.

A ship at sea.

House of fishermen and boats at the dock in Marseille.

View of the port.

Marseille dockers at work.

Those workers.

Fishermen repairing nets.

Woman chooses the fish.

Customers at the fish market.

Guests studio.

View of the Eiffel Tower in the fog, by passing cars.

Traffic flows at the foot of the tower.

Panorama of Paris.

Castle on the Ile de la CitГ©.

The river is a pleasure boat, the children sit on the waterfront.

Guests Studio continues the story.

The woman opens the book.

Engravings and photographs.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Fencing observation deck, on-site there are people.

View from the grounds of the city.

Movement on the Seine.

The passengers of the ship.

Luggage goes under the bridge.

View from the water on the waterfront.

The ship goes forward.

People have lunch and talk on the waterfront.

Outdoor exhibition and sale of paintings.

The inhabitants of Paris, transport on city streets.

Continued interviews with studio guests.

The Parisian workers.

Types of city streets above.


People talking at an outdoor cafe.

Map of Place de la Bastille.

View of the area, the traffic flow around the July Column.

Overgrown with ivy tombstones.

A flower garland on the background traffic.

The plaque on the wall of the building.


Freedom Square.

Fragment of the fountain at Liberty Square.

Republic Square.

Fragments of the monument.

View of the city from above.


Personnel of the military parade, the crowd on the street (top view).

Guests Studio talk about communism.

Membership card of the Communist Party of France.





Towns and countries

Reel №2

Marie Rose Street.

The plaque on the wall of the house.

Apartment-Lenin Museum, museum exhibits.

Seller flags.

People's faces.

Memorial plaque.

The woman said.

Participants in various demonstrations in the streets of Paris.

Says the man.

Flags around the July Column.

A fragment of a military parade.

Panorama of Paris city center, on the street is military equipment.

The participants of the demonstrations in the streets and on the outskirts of Paris.

Guests studio.

A man comes to the map and displays the city.

Panoramas and a brief description of the suburbs of Paris.

New houses under construction.

Major transport interchanges.

Airport "Paris - Charles de Gaulle."

Plane takes off, retractable landing gear.

Monorail system.

The driver's cab.

The passengers in the cabin.

The view from the driver's cab.

Traffic on the freeway.

Factory construction.

Construction enterprises.

Traffic jam.

Pandemonium in the metro.

Suburban trains.

People come out of the cars.

The crowd at the station.

Alternating transportation vehicles in traffic jams, drivers face.

Guests studio.


Construction of the metro.

Construction near the Arc de Triomphe.

Narrow streets, old houses.

The woman knits a hook.

Festively dressed women.

Alternation: festive processions, bands, dancing people, the audience's applause.

Continued interviews with studio guests.

Photos historical sites and museum exhibits.

Magazines of art.


Artists paint on the streets.

Residents of the capital.

The story of the ski resorts.

Skiers descend the slopes.

Jumping on snow birds.

Natural landscape.

People go on snow-covered streets of Paris.

A man cleans snow from the machine.

Evening in Paris on the eve of Christmas.

Guests say goodbye to the studio audience.





Towns and countries