The Battle of Moscow. (1991)

Documentary №52335, 1 part
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized


The film was edited from newsreels, in turn included in the film I. Kopalin "Defeat of the German troops near Moscow" (1942).

Reel №1

Newsreels autumn and winter 1941:

views of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square.

Cars drive on the Kremlin embankment and Red Square.

General view zzakamuflirovannogo Bolshoi Theater.

Military patrol passes on the street.

Baggage balloon on Gorky Street.

Detachment of cavalry rides past the hotel "Moscow".

Tank rides on Pushkin Square.

Anti-aircraft gun in one of the areas of the city.

Balloons over Moscow.

People come to the shelter.

German aircraft in the skies over Moscow.

Bute anti-aircraft guns.

Frozen German soldiers on the streets of one of the suburban settlements.

German soldiers get off the truck coats, carry them into the house.

Soldiers color white paint military vehicles.

Adolf Hitler, accompanied by officers inspecting samples of skis designed for soldiers during the attack on Moscow.

Kind invitation ticket to the German troops parade on Red Square.

Soviet troops parade on November 7 at the Red Square.

Metal smelting for the front at one of the rear.

Women in the shop at the bench.

Making shells.

German officers from the map.

Type one of the settlements near Moscow.

Nazis to drive up long-range artillery shells, cannon to induce Moscow.

German officer looking through binoculars.

View of Moscow on the eve of the Soviet counterattack: antitank "hedgehogs", sandbags, military vehicles on the streets.

Army General Georgy Zhukov surrounded by representatives of the command from the map.

KKRokossovsky surrounded by officers.

Column of soldiers passed through one of the settlements, moving military equipment.

Type of aircraft on one of the Moscow airports.

Mechanics prepare the plane for take-off, hung bombs.

Pilot gun charges.

Telegraph in vehicles.

Working telegraph (

Counter-offensive near Moscow: a squadron of planes in the sky, offensive cavalry, motorcycle parts, tanks, shelling enemy positions Soviet troops landing from the air, infantry attack, assisting the wounded on the battlefield, the release of the suburban settlements, the capture of German soldiers, broken view of German military vehicles along the road.

Tanks enter the liberated city (Istra, Volokolamsk).

Soldiers are on the streets of liberated village, women greet their liberators, one of the women baptizing soldiers.

Military conducts wounded girl.

Women cry for bodies brutally tortured by the Nazis people.

View of the damaged area of ​​the Moscow Regional Museum, located in New Jerusalem Monastery, view of buildings ruined cathedral.

Type of destruction in the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin, at the Museum of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana.

View Cemetery of German soldiers near the grave of the writer in Yasnaya Polyana garden.

Truck rides with a Christmas tree on a Moscow street.

A man carries a tree on the street.

Girls pack gifts for veterans.

Convoy of trucks with soldiers passes through one of the streets Mozhdysk.

Residents welcome their liberators.

Visas ruined building Museum Battle of Borodino.

Soviet troops marching on the field of Borodino.

View of the Monument to the heroes of the War of 1812 at Borodino.

Monuments to Soviet soldiers near Moscow: in Dubosekovo in Yakhroma and other places near.

Key words

The Second World War.

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