Great unity.. (1978)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Tomberg

Operators: I. Kuznecov, N. Verblovskij

Reel №1

1-hour demonstration on November 7 in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Baku.

Chronicle: presentation of Lenin, rally, racing horse, agricultural work, the woman clears the burqa.

Emblem of the USSR. Streets of Moscow.

Members of the Supreme Council in the Kremlin.

Cotton field.

Lessons at school.


Leonid Brezhnev.

Winter landscape Chukotka reindeer.

2 pm - A village in the tundra.

Chukchi children in school.

Children draw, swim in the pool.

Bilibino NPP. Convoy.

Icebreaker "Arktika".

Pier in Cheboksary.

Bushes hops.

Cosmonaut Nikolayev with daughter in the park.

Shorshely rally in the village.

Pavlova dancing.

Presidium building in Cheboksary.

Tractor Plant.

Smolny, the cruiser "Aurora", the streets of Leningrad Kirov Plant.

3 hours - Career Kursk Bulge.

Gas pipeline, oil pipeline.

Landscape of Siberia.

Geologists, surveyors.

BAM Construction.

Krasnoyarsk HPP. BelAZ.

Nurek sea Nurek.

Desert, the Karakum Canal, reclamation work.

Herd of cows.

Fishing in Estonia.

Mechanized fish processing port.

4 hours-Comfortable village in the Baltic (farm them.


Industry in Estonia.

Young people in national costumes.

City of Tallinn, ancient towers.

Chronicle of the Second World War: Kiev.

Khreschatyk Street.

Sculptures "Sorrowful Mother", "Stand to Death", "Motherland", etc.

War veterans.

H. Samatova family at the holiday table.

Tashkent streets rebuilt after the earthquake.


Minaret, Muslims pray.

Service in the Jewish synagogue.


Chronicle: teaching people to read.

5 pm - Students at MSU background.

Job cyclotron laboratory Kiev Research Institute.

City Shevchenko NPP. City of Nurek, Alma-Ata.

Ballet in Alma-Ata Theatre.


Russian Ballet School in Yerevan.

Children's drawings.

Summer camp.

Georgian ensemble "Mziuri."

Tea plantation.

The Kura River.

Wedding Palace.

Russian dance, Chukchi, Turkmens, Estonians, Moldavians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Kazakhs.

Festive demonstration.

Key words

Polity. Demonstration. Public holidays. Coat of arms. City. Landscapes. Agriculture. National policy. Electricity. Maritime transport. Villages. Ballet. Pipelines. Pipelines. Reclamation. Fishing. Monuments. Religion. Statesmen. Music.