Dynasty Durov.. (1985)

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Director: N.Nikitkin

Operators: I.Sosyonkov

Other authors: Avtor scenariya N.Durova


The film tells about the representatives of the family of circus performers and clowns Tamer Durov.

Reel №1

The first part.

Artistic director V.L.Durova tamer beasts name Natalia Durov on stage is an idea.

Celebration to mark the opening of the new season in the theater.

Artist with a trained bear act on the ground in front of the theater.

Young spectators laugh. - Camel face.

Actor beasts seats boy on a camel.

Trainer with a dog stand in front of the theater.

Children ride in a cart, harnessed to a camel.

General view of the square in front of the theater, the entrance to the theater, the theater building.

Iron figures that adorn the facade of the theater.

Bust V.L.Durova in the theater lobby, children's paintings on the walls, old posters on pedestals.

Billboard first performances Durov brothers, hung on the walls of the theater.

Attraction with the elephant.

Tamer acts with dogs.

The guys in the audience applauded.

Presentation on the street, depicting old circus booth.

Voronezh, old houses on the street Anatoly Durov.

House-Museum Anatoly Durov, a plaque on the wall.

Yard House Museum, view from the courtyard houses, interiors


Portrait of clown-satirist A.L.Durova in stage clothes on stage.

Panorama of the museum exhibits.

House for former street Bozhedomka in Moscow, now V.L.Durova street where he lived artist.

Staircase decorated with figures of prehistoric animals, made by hands V.L.Durova leads to the second floor.

Portrait on the wall in V.L.Durova stage clothes.

Panorama of the museum exhibits.


Granddaughter artist Natalia Durov comes into the living room, talks about the room, about the people who were here (sinhr.).

Sculpture V.L.Durova (sculptor Vera Mukhina).

Photo of the singer Chaliapin, with an inscription on the wall.

Photo L.V.Sobinova singer.

Portrait Commissar for Education Lunacharsky.

Costumes V.L.Durova stored in one of the halls, old wrought chests.

Stuffed animal in one of the halls.

Newsreels: sketch ridiculing drunks - monkey smokes, drinks, said the accounts, "doctor" examines Durov "drunken" I pray to the monkey (statement V.L.Durova).

The second part.

Photos V.L.Durova pets in the family photo album. N.Durova flips page album.

Natalia Durov living in the house-museum tells the story of his grandfather (sinhr.).

Books written V.L.Durovym on the table.

Trainers with a monkey on stage Animal Theatre V.L.Durova behalf.

Rehearsal rooms solo wolf Danila (tamer strums a melody on the piano, the wolf howls).

Portrait of Vladimir and Anatoly Durov.

Portraits of the dynasty Durov hung on the wall in the Museum.

Photo eldest son V.L.Durova - clown and trainer Vladimir on the wall.

Photos A.A.Durova trainers, V.G.Durova, Yu.V.Durova and Teresa Durova.

Newsreels: 1918., V.L.Durov playing in the street, circus performers, headed by V.L.Durovym go in festive procession through the streets of Moscow, welcoming the Revolution;  banners, branding "bourgeois" on the truck; 1920s., Scene "Cabaret" - A.A.Durov in costume Piero holding a monkey, the monkey plays the piano, another monkey sitting at a restaurant table, monkey chef runs in pots, monkey

playing the violin, "canine orchestra" plays in the restaurant, the dog "groom" and "bride" sit at the tables, dancing and other dogs "sing"; 1960s., Trainer V.G.Durov

on the arena, the number V.G.Durova "Meeting in the ring" (actor must wear with a kangaroo), Yury Durov attraction in the arena (involving elephants, horses, dogs), a fragment

attraction cheetah Yury Durov Jr. (cheetah and a dog jumping through burning hoops), the audience in the hall applauded.

The third part.

Portrait tamer A.V.Durovoy on the wall in one room of the house-museum.

Newsreels: 1960., A.V.Durova performs at the circus elephants, beasts to "Durovskoy rail."

Theater staff fed animals.

Giraffe goes out of its enclosure.

Woman brings food to the elephant cage.

Natalia Durov suited to camels in the courtyard of the theater, rehearsal begins.

Camels dance.

Natalia Durov treats giraffe.

Tiger walks in the cage. N.Durova pats tiger is in a cage.

Photos depicting the work in the circus with the dynasty Durov pinnipeds.

N.Durova feeding fish elephant, shakes his flippers fulfills "rack" with the sea lions.

The lights in the hall Animal Theatre.

Panorama of the rows in the hall. N.Durova on stage attraction with pelicans.

Speech by the behemoth.

Trainer with a boar on stage.

Kids in the Hall laugh.

Room with monkeys. N.Durova playing with an elephant.

Elephant walks over lying on the stage tamer. N.Durova bows.

Newsreels 1960: Natalia Durov performs at the circus with the sea lions, walruses attraction, the audience in the hall applauded.

Key words

Wildlife. Political propaganda campaign. Demonstration. road transport. Theater, stage, circus. Museums. National life. City.