Intercosmos orbit.. (1972)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: D.Antonov, D.Bogolepov

Operators: V.Afanasjev, I.Kasatkin, muzika V.Zolotoryov

Other authors: Ya.Golovanov, V.Gubarev (scenarij), L.Hmara (diktor)


A film about the scientific cooperation of scientists of the USSR and the socialist countries, France in the field of space physics, communications, meteorology under the "Intercosmos". The events program participate Czechoslovakian scientist Valnichek (parts 1-2), German scientist Fisher (parts 1-4), the French scientist cambium (h 4). The film was shooting assembly, testing, launching a satellite "Intercosmos" (part 1-3.5), geophysical rocket "Vertikal-2" (3.4 parts), French satellite "Mars", the shooting ionospheric sounding balloons Soviet and French (Part 4), and other surveys.

Reel №1



Steppe landscape, solar disk over the steppe eagle soars, the camels were coming.

Personnel chronicles.

Without specifying the date of recording.

Czechoslovakia, Prague.

Building association "adze" staff association at the instruments.

Institute named G.Gertsa in Berlin.

Employees of the Institute conducted geophysical surveys, test the radio "Mayak".

Kazakhstan, 1969. Meeting of Heads of coordinating organizations of socialist countries under the "Intercosmos" Academician B.N.Petrov present.


View of the city of Prague (with the upper point).

Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Pisarenko gives interviews, talks about the problems of the experiment to study the Sun by satellite "Intercosmos" (synchronously).


Arkhangelsk region.

Snow-covered trees in the woods.

Moose in winter forest.

Building and premises Arkhangelsk integrated magnetic Ionospheric Observatory.

Observatory staff are monitoring.

Personnel chronicles.

Without specifying the date of recording.

Members of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism at the USSR Academy of devices.

Running meteorological rockets at northern and southern latitudes.

France, Paris.

Road traffic on one of the streets, the Eiffel Tower.



Tauride Palace.

Session XIII International Congress of COSPAR. President of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Academician France Roy opens the meeting, speak and academics MVKeldysh A.A.Blagonravov (synchronously). [Moscow].

Academician APVinogradov presents samples of lunar soil scientists from the GDR.

Personnel chronicles.


President of the USSR Academy MVKeldysh takes NASA scientists.

Signing of the agreement between the Soviet Union and India on the construction of space in landfill Tumba and Indian satellite launch.

Akademik Keldysh signs the agreement.

Moscow, 1970. President of the USSR Academy MVKeldysh accepts American astronaut N.Armstronga present G.T.Beregovoy.

Movement in the tundra reindeer sleds.

Field of daisies (removed from the upper point).

Key words

Astronautics. International scientific relations. International economic relations. Landscapes. City. Aerospace industry. Flora. Wildlife. Cartage.