On the trail of Bigfoot.. (1988)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Zguridi A., Kldiashvili N.

Script writers: Zguridi A., Akimushkin I., Kldiashvili N.

Operators: Ueckij E., Kryuchkin V., Kravcova S.

Composers: Krivcov V.


The film is dedicated to the problems of the origin of man and the existence of Bigfoot. The film includes interviews scientists and anthropologists from different countries, eyewitness accounts, photos and footage.

Science | Biology | Ethnography | Expeditions and discoveries

Reel №1

Himalayan mountain ranges.

Photos footprints in the mountains.



Forest thicket.

Life of a herd of chimpanzees in nature (hierarchy, the carve-up of production and raise offspring, fighting, game).

Reel №2

Fight with chimpanzees baboons.

The life of a chimpanzee (obtaining food, building shelters).

By the river is crawling crocodile.

Chimpanzee chased the crocodile.

The drawings of prehistoric animals and the first people.

Opinions of scientists.

Tells I.Koppens.

Scarecrow humanoid.


Coppens J. - French paleontologist, mamontoved, Doctor of Archaeology, Professor.

Reel №3

Continuation of the interview with I.Koppensom.

Tells R.Liki.

Interview with Academician V.P.Alekseevym.

Tells R.Liki.

Tells I.Koppens.

Opinion B.Eyvelmansa.


R. Leakey - Kenyan paleoanthropologist, author of paleontological discoveries policies. Alekseev VP - Soviet anthropologist, historian, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Eyvelmans B. - Franco-Belgian zoologist, writer and one of the founders of cryptozoology. Coppens I.

Reel №4

Continuation of the interview with B.Eyvelmansom.

Chinese scholar Zhou Guoxing.



Footage amateur footage of 1971: Polish climbers exploring footprints in the territory of Nepal.

Above the beach flying a helicopter expedition.

Rafting down the river on an inflatable catamaran.

Natural landscape along the river.

The settlement of reindeer breeders Buksunda-Orochi, a herd of deer.

The man with the dog.

Journalist showing people pictures.

Stories reindeer herders.


Eyvelmans B.




Magadan region [787] Nepal [154]

Reel №5

Tells M.G.Bykova, discussion of figures of humanoids.

Tells V.A.Chebotarev, draws in the interview process.

Tells V.S.Karapetyan.

Interview with M.-Zh.I.Kofman.


Coffman M.-ZH.I. - Surgeon, oncologist, cryptozoologist, member of the Russian Geographical Society, founder and chairman of the Russian association cryptozoologists.

Reel №6

Continuation of the interview with M-Zh.I.Kofman, discussion photos and casts of footprints.

Portraits of scientists.

Footage amateur footage R.Petersona and R.Gimlana: humanoid in the forests of North America (the sound disappears).

Expert opinions.

Opinion D.D.Donskogo.


Don DD - Professor of Biomechanics, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, honorary member of the Scientific Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Coffman M.-ZH.I.




USA [851]

Reel №7

Continuation of the interview with D.D.Donskim, discussion records.


A herd of gorillas in captivity.

Komodo (komodossky) lizard.

Varan is hunting antelope.

Great white pandas.

Tells I.D.Burtsev.

The settlement of African pygmies.


Squad goes into the jungle.

A man cuts the branches of bushes.

Woman builds a hut.

A man collects the water in the river.

Woman with child covers hut leaves.

Sleeping Cordylidae.

A man collects the chips and dust.

A woman with a baby.

Making fire.

Child sitting under a tree.

Man fanning the fire.


Burtsev ID - Candidate of Historical Sciences, a member and the head of the search expedition, author and co-author of scientific publications. Don DD


Indonesia [104]

Reel №8

Alternation: hunters in the jungle, birds and animals.

Hunter beckons prey.

Man considers the traces on the ground.

Monkey in the bush.

Hunter leaves.

Facilitator summarizes the results.


Himalayan mountain ranges.