There, above the Arctic Circle.. (1977)

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Director: E. Erapov

Operators: Yu. Schuplyakov, I. Puntakov

Reel №1

Kola Peninsula.

Tundra species from a helicopter.


Arctic winter landscapes.

Arctic Ocean.

Polar bears on ice.

Walruses in the ocean.

Birds of rock coast.

Aboriginals hunt seals.

Expedition Soviet scientists on a drifting ice floe near the North Pole; scuba diver descends under water.

Icebreaker "Arktika" moves on the ice.

Development of apatite deposits on the Kola Peninsula; ore loading dump trucks.

Type of


Logging; running machine "Blackbird"; passing timber.

The streets of


Building children's theater.

Murmansk port; working harbor cranes.

Seafood on the counter of one of the shops. buyers in a bookstore.



Magadan airport.

Streets. passers-by on the street.

Fishing boats in the bay.

Production halls of one of the fish factories; samples of smoked fish with red caviar banks.

Traffic on the Kolyma highway.

Hunters rent furs in a reception center.

Alaska village.

Women in the workshop sew coats of deerskin deer herd in the tundra.

Taimyr Peninsula.

Tundra from a helicopter.

A herd of musk oxen.

Building, reactor room, control nuclear power plant in


Street and square.

Flowers in a greenhouse.

Archaeologists discharged from the helicopter mammoth bones found in one of the mines.


Excavators work.

Sifting gold.

Eruption on the Kamchatka Peninsula from a helicopter.


Volcanologists in the area of ​​the volcano.




Production of copper-nickel ore in career and mine Norilsk Combine.

Documentary chronicle of visit

Norilsk Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau TE.

Production halls Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

Norilsk port; working harbor cranes.

Port winter.

People on the streets in winter.

Snow machines work.

Combine dispensary "Valek"; vacationers in the gym and in the pool.

Banquet room of a restaurant; bartender serves visitors.

Artist in the studio working on a mural of pieces of fur.

Samples of arts and crafts from the bone.

Dance group performs the national dance.

Key words

Energy. Livestock. Road transport. Landscapes. Wildlife. National life. Maritime transport and road. Mining. City. Timber industry. Theatre. State trade. Specialized trade. Air transport. Food industry. Fur farming and hunting. Handicraft industry. Metallurgy. Outpatient care. Improving human settlements. Dancing. Arts and crafts. Geology, geophysics, geography.