Zookonferentsiya on Disarmament. (1991)

Documentary №52463, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:42
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Zaharenkov A.
Screenwriters:Konstantinovskij M.
Camera operators:Rudneva V.


Life in the jungle is remarkably similar to our lives. The film is a parody of the relationship of animals in nature.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The family of chimpanzees in nature.

Crocodiles come to the river.

Chimpanzee banish crocodiles.

A female chimpanzee with a cub.

Snake in the grass.

On the sand, jumping frog.

Snake catches and eats a frog.

Insects are killing each other.

Leopard on the prowl.

Leopard takes the captured animal.

Chimpanzee digs a pit.

Birds eat the ostrich egg.

Scarab beetle with a ball of dung.

Fighting bugs.

Screech agama.

Scarab throws the opponent.

Lizard eats beetle.

Monkey eats fruit.


A flock of hyenas in the shallows.

A Fox.

A baby wild boar.

A fight with a pig fox.


Lynx nibbles root.



Fitch strangles rodent.

Crocodile comes into the water.

Lynx catches the hare.

Herd of elephants.

Fox hunts pheasant.

Chimpanzee shakes the tree.

Cheetah chasing an antelope.

Giraffe nibbling leaves.


Rhinos are grazing on the beach.

Elephants bathing in the river.

Chimpanzee shouts and claps his hands.

Stargazer catches small fish.

Chimpanzee behind bars.

A pair of giraffes.

chimpanzee family.

Giraffes take care of each other.

A flock of crowned cranes.

Pheasant courting a female.

Monkey behind bars.

Fight deer.


Fighting antelopes.

Monkey behind bars.

The insect lays its eggs.

Couple praying mantis.

Mantis washes.

The female praying mantis kills the male.

Monkey behind bars.

A herd of chimpanzees in nature.

A parody of human life: a monkey looks in the mirror, including the player, "read" a book, take a guest.

Animals playing in the room, climb the ladder, collect the garbage.

Hostess chews paper.

Guest makes a scoop of trash.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


A hat and a bow on a hanger.

Chimpanzee sitting on the nightstand.

Monkey takes a bow hanger and gives the other.

The second monkey wears a bow on the neck.

Guest takes a suitcase and a hat, and walks away.

Bedside table with books.

Chimpanzees sit at the table and flips through the book.

Fangs and claws of animals and birds.

Monkey leafing through the book.

Monkey is calling on the phone.

Chimpanzee playing with weights.

Muzzle hare.

Hare drums.

Forty flaps its wings.

Owl in a threatening pose.

Rooster at the microphone.

Wolves go around the tree with the bait.

Aquarium fish.

Wolf running through the woods.

Running wild boar.

Bear in the grass.

Raccoon Dog in the meadow.

Cock flies from branch to grass.

Rooster interviews forest dwellers.

Howling wolf.

Wild boar grunts.

Rooster with a microphone.

Bear paws grasping a branch.

Rooster with a bear face to face.

Rooster shaken.

Screaming Eagle.

Record player.

Monkey draws.

Monkey studies children's potty.

He returned the second chimpanzee.

The hostess wiped off with a tissue.

Guest has paws on the suitcase and runs across the room.

Muzzle chimpanzees.

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