Fiery Angel.. (1991)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N. Chiruk

Operators: A. Gorelov

Other authors: Avtor scenariya - A. Romanovskij; operator kombinirovannih sjyomok - E. Pronina; tekst chitali - R. Suhoverko, A. Borzunov, I. Gubanova


On the creation of Bryusov's novel "The Fiery Angel" and the difficult relationship Symbolist writers V. Bryusov, A. White, H. Petrovsky, based on their memories.

Literati | Literature

Reel №1

Figure winter cityscape.

The view from the window of the room, the picture on the wall, a lamp with a red shade, painting on the wall, ficus in a pot.

Panorama of the building with a small tower.

Smoldering fire on the edge of the marsh, swamp panorama, human figures.

Panorama wall abandoned church, inside lit by fire.

Fire in the background of the female portrait.

The title page of the book VJ Bryusov "The Fiery Angel".

Newsreel 1920: storefront, people are on the streets of Berlin.

Car drives through the intersection, people crossing the street.

Man and woman talking while standing in the street.

Moving Mannequins in a shop window.

A man stands next to a woman smokes.

Advertising is moving figure.

Cars driving through the intersection.

People walk past the shop window.

A tram.

Cars drive on the street.

Tent above the window.

Man standing at the window of the store.

Stop taxi out of it man and woman in wedding attire.

Zhenya and groom ascend stairs.

Rides the bus, people walking on the street.

Advertising in the shop window.

Police regulates the movement at a crossroads.

People walk past the church.

A tram.

Statue of a woman's head.

The statues of knights in columns inside the building.

Photo A. White female head sculptures.

Flowering cherry.

Panorama building an Orthodox church.

The branches of cherry.

Black door in the wall of the temple.

Portrait of Bryusov.

Torches in the corridor dungeon.

View of the wall of an abandoned building.

Illustration for the novel "The Fiery Angel" with the image of the heroine.

Flowering shrubs.

Sculptures of angels.

Picture of a medieval castle.

Sculptures of angels.

Illustration for the novel "The Fiery Angel".

Portrait of Bryusov.

View of the building in Cologne.

Fragments of the bas-relief on the wall of the building.

View of the wall of an old building, a bas-relief on the wall.

Panorama wall sculpture of a knight in the niche.

View of the corner towers of the building.


Key words

Landscapes Sculpture Architecture Christianity Vegetable world




Berlin [821]


Summer [824]

Towns and countries; Social life

Reel №2

Panorama of the walls of a medieval castle.

General view of the gallery wall.

Sculpture of an angel on a cemetery.

Panorama of the cemetery.

The statue of one of the graves.

Panorama of the cemetery.

Mosaic on the facade of the building.

A revolving door at the entrance to the museum.

The lobby and grand staircase of the museum.

View of the restaurant's dining hall of the hotel "Metropol."

The interiors of the old mansion.

Portraits of Peter and Bryusov.

Rotating the front door.

Vase with fruit and a glass of wine on the table.

Rotating the front door.

Flowers and wine glasses on a round table.

Revolving door.

Walls rotate around the table.

Figures musicians.

Figure winter landscape.

The picture on the wall, ficus in a pot. fragments of statues.

The picture on the wall, a lamp with a red shade.

Detail of the statue.

Photo A. White Detail of the statue.

Portrait Briusov against the window.

View of the building with a tower in Cologne.

Detail of the statue.

Burning torches on the brick walls of the dungeon.

Statue of a knight.

Detail of the statue.

Photo of Peter.

Medieval paintings.

Photo Bryusov.

Scenic portrait of Bryusov.

Statue of a woman.

Alcoholized baby.

Domestic species abandoned church.

Grass and flowers on a meadow.

The walls of an abandoned church, a round table covered with a white cloth.

Knife and fish skeleton on the tablecloth.

Photo Bryusov.

Black silhouettes of people cut out of paper on either side of the window.

Pistol "Browning".

Photo Bryusov.

Fragments of the statue.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1910s: Panorama of ancient ruins in Rome, people visiting the ruins.

View of the Roman streets.

Tourists visiting the remains of Roman buildings, panoramic garden with a fountain.

Photo Bryusov.

Newsreel 1915-1916 years: people are waiting for the train with the wounded.

Nurse takes the wounded from the cart, carries it on his shoulders.

Set of crosses on soldiers' cemetery.

Female head of marble.

Newsreel of 1917: on the streets of Petrograd passing car, people start to clear the snow shovels.

Rally in Petrograd.

Through the storm on the street are people.

View the walls of the ruined building.

One of the last photos of Bryusov.

Flowers cherry.

Photos Bryusov.

Newsreel 1920: the signal bell on the door of the moving car fire.

Police regulates traffic in Berlin.

Fire trucks driving on the street.

Kind of "roller coaster" of a moving truck.

Revolving doors of the hotel.

Poster, half torn from the wind stone.

The girl runs across the street.

Train rides Berlin subway.

Cars drive on the street.

The statue at the tomb of Peter.

View of the cemetery.

Raindrops running down the glass, the glass sculpture of a woman's head is visible.

Torrents of rain poured glass window, kind of wall of the house with a green fence.

View of the country house.


1910s 1915-1917 1920s


Petrograd [959] Berlin [821]


Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Towns and countries; Rallies; The revolutionary events of 1917; The First World War