Film-travel almanac № 206 (1985)

Newsreel №52484, 2 parts
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:T.Martinceva, D.Mamedov
Camera operators:S.Moskalyov, A.Gorchukov, L.Belyakov

Reel №1

In newsreel stories included:

Part 1.

1st plot.

Yelabuga continuation of the story.

The plot tells of Yelabuga.

In the story the following filming: passenger ship floating on the Kama River (filmed with motion), high river, marina "Yelabuga" (formerly the village Tresvyatskaya.

Types of old historic part Yelabuga: streets with wooden one-story houses, the cyclist leaves on the street of the gate of a house, the grandmother with grandson sitting on the bench.

Tourists get off the bus, go to the museum-estate, Hope Andreevny Durova - trooper virgins, hero of World War II in 1812, Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov's orderly.

The plaque on the house.

The guide gives a tour of the house-museum of Ivan Shishkin, a portrait of a mayor Yelabuga I.V.Shishkina - the father of the landscape painter Shishkin.

Interiors of rooms in the house museum exhibits.

Shishkin's painting in the museum.

General view of the historical monuments in the vicinity Yelabuga, including

Devil's fort.

Countryside of: wheat field, wheat fields mowed, lucky horse cart on the road through the fields; students Elabuzhsky State Pedagogical University in the yard in front of the university.

General view of the new district Yelabuga.

Construction of apartment houses.

Muscled oil field near Yelabuga.

Construction giant tractor near Yelabuga: conducting welding and assembling; Heavy duty construction equipment traveling on the road.

2nd story.

Expedition to Vaygach.

The story tells about archaeological excavations on the island Vaygach.

In the story the following filming: waves lapping on the Arctic Ocean coast Islands Vaygach.

Landscapes of the island.

General view of the ancient gods on the island, the island inhabitants worshiped - yugortsy (Chud).

Doctor of Historical Sciences L.P.Hlobystin at the table with members of the Leningrad archaeological expedition, dismantle objects found during archaeological excavations, make a sketch map subsequent excavations on the island.

Members of the expedition that landed on the island Vaygach go on shore.

Camp expedition.

Members of the expedition during excavations on the site of one of the sites - the first multi-layer parking found on the island.

Archaeologists found laid out on the site of the excavation of ancient pottery fragments.

General view of the objects found in the lower layer, which refers to the period of the Early Bronze Age.

The upper layers of the excavation - this is the 12th 13th century.

Type of archaeological finds including and pieces of tin.

View salary Pomorian icons of the 15th century.

Third plot.

Paints Adygea.

The plot tells of tourist staying in Adygea.

In the story the following filming: a general view of mountain scenery in Adygea, wooded foothills; horses grazing in a pasture.

View camp site in the village of Victory near Maikop.

Common territory of the camp where there are trailers on wheels in which they live tourists.

Tourists going for a horse ride with an instructor doing the preparation for the transition: learning to collect and ship equipment, sit on a horse.

Tourists riding horses go to 8-day hike, go to the specified route, going on a halt in mountain rivers and waterfalls, and then hit the road, moving mountain river ride through the forest; general view of deer in the forest, bison.

Tourists examined caves, visiting one of the dolmens; horse going - grazing in the meadow at dusk, tourists sitting around the campfire, singing with a guitar.

Tourists with the horses swimming in a mountain lake.

Shady Rest: Tourists sit at a table under a nap, eating.

4th story.

At the root of Tbilisi.

The story tells about the old Tbilisi.

In the story the following filming:

General view of the city, the river Mtkvari (removed from the upper point).

Photos of old Tbilisi.

General view of the city strictly quarter: streets, houses of ancient architecture.

Vehicular traffic on city streets.

Boys in one of the houses, pat the dog.

General view of the ancient sulfur baths.

Children playing in the yard baths.

The interiors of one of the baths, swimming pools, interior - sculpture.

Evening shooting of old Tbilisi.

Men on the street playing chess.

Sculpture of David the Builder (filmed from behind).

Key words

River transport and road.
Historical and architectural monuments.
Higher vocational education.
Oil industry.
Tractor industry.
Road transport.
Municipal utilities.
Features of national life.

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