Film-travel almanac 1985 № 207

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Director: Mironov A., Popov L.

Operators: Komolikov M., Fomichev L.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.

Other authors: Vahnyuk B., Volodina S., Mironov A.


1. "Today, tomorrow and always." 2. "The continent of science." 3. "Good summer holidays". 4. "Literary tram".

Russian cities and regions | Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Today, tomorrow and always.

BAM on the map.

Eastern Siberia, the area of BAM, explosions.

Coal mining.

Workers talk.

Dump trucks carry ore.

Panorama of the quarry.

On road goes to "BelAZ."


View from the cockpit, oncoming truck.

Freight train rides by rail.

Natural panoramas from the air, scientists working on Board the aircraft.

Rocks "Lena pillars".

Scientists working with the equipment.

Panorama of the Chara valley.

Carskie Sands.

Sources of streams.

The scientist takes readings.

Panorama of snow-capped mountain peaks, rotating helicopter blades.


Boiling water.

Mountain Takana.

Mountain meadow.

House on edge.

Fox in the Bush.

Squirrel jumps on the stump.


Bear in the tree.

Boar lying in the mud.

Beaver near the hut.

Martens in the grass.

Freight train on the railway in the taiga.

The composition enters the city.

City streets, new houses, traffic.

Scientists working in the laboratory.

Study of samples under microscopes.

Parents with a stroller are on the path among the trees.

View of the city from the taiga.

2. Continent of science.

Antarctica on the map.

Panorama of the ocean, ice floes.

Packs of penguins, Blizzard.

Research stations in the ice.


Leningrad, hall of the Museum of the Navy.

Portraits FF Bellingshausen and MP Lazarev, the leaders of the Russian naval expedition in 1820 to the South pole.

Exhibits telling about the history of the expedition.

Dissolve: the old globe, the glare on the water.

The alternation of ice fields in the ocean, the pages of the diaries of travelers.

Ocean surface.

Dissolve: the page of the diaries, the glare on the waves.

The Island Of Peter The Great.

Coast Of Alexander The First.

Ice hummocks.

Influx: reflections on the water, the monuments to seafarers-pioneers of the Bellingshausen and Lazarev.


Photos of Soviet and foreign expeditions.

On the shore of a flock of penguins in the Bay comes the ship.

People gathered at the flagpole.

Raise the flag of the USSR.


Trans-Baikal Territory

Geography and Nature; Scientific expeditions; Arctic and Antarctic

Reel №2

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3. Good summer holidays.

Plovdiv, schematic symbol on the map.

City panorama.

Stone two-storey houses.

On the porch is a man.

The street up adults and children.

Children in folk costumes.

Theatrical performance dedicated to the future harvest, is a children's choir.

The operator with the camera.

A woman comes out of the gate.

Neighbors meet and carry out traditional festive rituals.

Children and adults gather in the yard.

Woman shows how to sift flour, I repeat children.

Water is poured from a bucket into a VAT.

Girl preparing dough by a woman.

A woman ties red threads with coins to the children's hands, this is a reward for success in economic Affairs.

A man waving a broom from the branches of a tree.

The boys take the broom.

Lamb is fed grain from the dish and fumigated with smoke, driving away evil spirits.

A woman pours milk from a bucket into a jug and begins to knock it down.

Grandma gives grandson's milk.

The girl is dressed up in a butterfly costume made of leaves.

Girls and women dance and sing songs.

Men pour water on women, a ritual to protect them from drought.

Women go with a song on the street.

Men poured water on the procession.

In the yard give birth to a donkey.

Donkey loaded with gifts for the "Butterfly" and watered with water.

Butterfly girl leads people behind him, women are fresh loaves.

Men take loaves and put on the table.

Break the loaf in half.

The woman gives the man water.

All the villagers in the meadow eat tortillas and various national dishes.

Children weighed on an old scale, suspended from a tree branch.

People dance and sing in the streets.

4. Literary tram.

Odessa on the map.

Odessa port.

Boats and yachts at berth.

Potemkin stairs.

A woman with a camera.

Old houses, passers-by on the streets, tour groups.

Open the door to the hall of the literary Museum.

Excursion literary retro tram carries tourists through the streets of the city, stopping at the houses where Russian writers and poets lived in different years: A. I. Kuprin, I. E. Babel, Valentin and Evgeny Kataev, I. A. Ilf, E. P. Petrov, E. G. Bagritsky, S. I. Kirsanov, V. V. Mayakovsky, A. S. Pushkin.

Moments of the trip alternate with the frames of the Museum stands, which contain photos and articles about the writers and their heroes.



Holidays; Traditions and customs; Literati
Social life; National culture; Culture and Arts; Persons of arts; Biography; Literature