Film-travel almanac 1986 № 213

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: B.Slomyanskij, B.Goljdenblank, V.Kuznecov

Operators: T.Dubrovin, N.Verblovskij, R.Voronov.

Other authors: Zvukooperator - N.Rogignskaya

Reel №1

Part 1 1st plot. "Idzheban road of revolution."


PNRM. Mountains.

Cars move along a mountain road.

General view of the city Idzhebana (removed from flying aircraft).

Vehicular traffic, there are people on the streets.

Pioneers in the hall of one of the museums on trips dedicated to the revolutionary events 1917goda telling about rebellion against authority bashnakov.

PNRM. for museum exhibits. k / m b / w 1917.

Red Army soldiers are riding horses.

Carpet factory worker at the machine in one of the shops.

Children during a rehearsal in the ballroom class girl in the classroom in a music school playing the piano, one of the rehearsal performances of folk theater in the House of Culture Idzhebana.

Artists during the festival marking the Day of the establishment of Soviet power in Armenia (29noyabrya): sing, play traditional instruments.

Armenian national flag swaying in the wind.

2nd story. "Between Kodari and Udakanom."


Terrain vehicle rides in the woods.


Stanovoye Highlands between the ridges and Kodar Udakan (landscape).

Cargo train moves along the track BAM. Chara valley near-natural monument.

PNRM. on the sandy dunes (removed from flying aircraft).

Cedar elfin wood.

Site of ancient hunters Chara Valley.

Archaeologists investigating hacking, sgrebki - Stone Age tools.

Springs beat Chara in sandy depths of the valley.

Hydrogeologists on the lookout tower.

2nd part. 1st plot. "Earth and Sky Kuzbass".

South Kemerovo region.

Mountain saddlery.

PNRM. the taiga.

Tourists flock to ski on snow slopes.

Moose eating its way through.

North and center of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass.

Horse running in the snow along the village.

Production of iron ore in the mountains.

Process technology cycle for coal mining.

A helicopter flies over the taiga (winter mode).

2nd story. "...

Russ, my dear homeland ... ".

Ryazan region.

Konstantinovo village.

Moon floats on a background of clouds (landscape).

Portert Sergei Yesenin.

Wall clocks in the house.

The boy reads the table.

Herd of cows on the meadow.

Plowed field, haystacks.

Rye field.

Interior rural school.


Villagers Konstantinovo on a holiday devoted to S.Esenin on the riverbank.

PNRM. the autumn forest (landscape).

Key words

Landscapes. City. Museums. October Revolution of 1917. Textiles. Music. Amateur Art. Trains. Reserves. Energy. Tourism. Mining (mining). Archaeology. Wildlife. Holidays.