Film-travel almanac 1986 № 214

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Director: A.Mironov, L. Ostrovskij, T.Martinceva D.Mamedov, L.Boldireva

Operators: M.Komolikov,Ya.Revzin, Yu.Shuplyakov, Yu.Sazonov

Other authors: Zvukooperator R.Krasiljnikova

Reel №1

1st part of the 1st story-LAND MASTERS


View of the city of Samarkand (removed from the upper point).

Tourists climb the stairs along the ancient temple, visit one of the museums.

PNRM. on the wall, a mosaic.

Artisans made ceramic jugs.

PNRM. for articles of bronze.

Blacksmith working in the forge.

Oil complex to develop fields in the Ferghana Valley.

Working oil rig.

Drillers during the development of modern technology in the territory of the oil well.

The composition of the passenger moves along the mountain road.

PNRM. one of the cities (removed from the upper point).

Schoolchildren while studying in the computer lab.

2nd story - on the slopes of the Dabie

Athlete flying in a hang glider over the mountains Dombey.

PNRM. the snowy mountains.

Tourists ride on a cable car.

Skiers and off the slope of the mountains.

The building of the hotel "Peaks".

Group campers sing songs with a guitar in the living room, dancing in discos (sinhr.).

Actors in traditional costumes perform folk dance on Dombayskoy holiday.

2nd part. 1st plot - ...

And SRUBISHA town of Ladoga ...

Snowmobile moves on Lake Ladoga.

Monument warship Ladoga Flotilla.

Wooden houses.

PNRM. Lake Ladoga (winter mode).

Lit bonfires on the hills.

Woman manages horse carriage.

Preserved frescoes depicting the faces of saints in St.

George's Cathedral, built 12th century.

Restorer working in the studio, collects crumbs frescoes.

Older women weave on the hoop lace patterns.

Interiors old Russian house.

2nd story - WHERE THE SPRING winters.

Disk of the rising sun over the sea (landscape).

Territory Krasnovodsky reserve.

A flock of ducks flies over the bay.

Ornithologists wade through a swamp in the reeds, watching egrets.

A flock of herring gulls, swans, screamers pleschyutsya in water.

Sunset over the pond (landscape).

Key words

City. Landscapes. Sports. Museums. Neftenaya industry. Arts and crafts. Trains and roads. Schooling. The Second World War (including WWII). Cartage. Life. Rest. Folk festivals. Christianity. Protection of nature and environment.