Film-travel almanac 1986 № 218

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Director: A.Mironov, A.Klyuchnikov

Operators: Yu.Sazonov, M.Komolikov, A.Gorchukov

Reel №1

Part 1.

The first story.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE Sarykamyshe?

North Karakum panorama of deep depressions in the desert.

Amu Darya flows.

Camels in the desert, sand hills, the ruins of ancient buildings.

A herd of camels at a watering place by the river, passing motorboat.

Dry valley - a place dry lake.

Sunset in the desert.

Irrigation of cotton fields, cotton harvester collects.

Car "ZIL-131" rides in the desert.

Amudarya water drain into the allotted space in the desert.

View the ancient bed of the Amu Darya - Daryalyk, flooded with water.

Types canyon.

Revived Sarykamysh lake.

Bird over the water, the storks in grass thickets.

Fishing boats on the lake, the fishermen pulled out of the water network, the fish in the boat.

View shrinks Aral Sea fishing boats on the shore.

Scientists are studying the fish caught in the Aral Sea.

PNRM. on the shores of the Aral Sea.

Scientists studying samples of water from the Aral Sea Sarykamysh and in the laboratory.

Sunset in the Aral Sea, the fishing boats.

The second story.


Sverdlovsk, spring, Historic Square.

The new building of the Museum of Fine Arts. "Cast iron pavilion Russia", created in 1900. kaslinskim masters in one of the halls of the museum.

Sculptures that adorn the walls of the pavilion. "Cabinet Sculpture" - exposition.

Restorers working on recreating openwork walls.

General view of the Drama Theatre, decorated kaslinskim masters foreground - fountains.

Chelyabinsk region., City

Casley, motorcyclists ride along the lake shore.

Students at the school Kasli Steel Plant is in a class of sculpture.

Masters of the manufacture of iron objects in the studio.

Master pours iron into molds.

Cast iron sculpture.

Part 2.

The plot of the third.

This eternal birch bark.

Autumn, yellow leaves on the trees, a panorama of the forest in the Bialowieza Forest.

Bison, boar, deer in the woods.

Horses grazing in a clearing in the woods.

Mukhavets river, tree branches bent over the water.

Brest Fortress - the main gate.

Monument to the defenders of the fortress.

View archaeological excavation of one of the first Slavic settlement on the territory of modern Berestie Brest.

View preserved ancient windows and doorways.

View of the restored house in which lived ancient inhabitant of birch bark, household items.

Archaeological finds.

Archaeological museum created at the site of the excavation.

Modern areas of Brest.

The building of the hotel "Intourist", people on the streets, taxi rides, wooden sculptures on the street, sidewalk cafe tables, beds.

Elderly man painting in the street.

Multi-storey houses on the river bank.

The plot of the fourth.


Crimea, Koktebel, waves lapping on the Black Sea coast at sunset.

Mountains in the foreground - the grass.

Flowers in the mountains.

Vineyards road.

Seagulls over the sea, the cliffs down to the water.

Portrait of the poet and artist Voloshin, his photographs of different years.

General view of the house in Koktebel Voloshin.


Portrait Voloshin, written by Pablo Picasso.

Staves poet, his elegant robe.

Masks on the walls.

Paintings Voloshin.

Bust Voloshin.

Grave of the poet at the top of the mountain, the women put on a tombstone branch wormwood.

The ruins of the Genoese fortress in Sudak, in the background - the sea.

Pleasure boats float on the sea.

Group of people lying on the cliff above the sea.

Artists paint portraits on the embankment of Koktebel.

Key words

Flora. Wildlife. Landscapes. Environmental disasters. Metallurgy. River and lake transport. Maritime transport. City transport. Preserves and Reserves. Fish farming and fishing. Water supply, water use. Cities, towns. Consumer services. Vocational education. Catering. Sculpture. Archaeology. Arts and crafts. Painting. Fiction. Architecture. Museums.