Film-travel almanac 1986 № 221

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N.Polonskaya, B.Slomyanskij

Operators: K.Orozaliev, V.Motichenkov

Reel №1

The first part.

Story first.

Khortytsya - ISLAND.

PNRM. along the rocky banks of the Dnieper.

Ancient idols on the hill in the background - the river.

Historic cannon barrel in the rocks on the shore.

Summer of

Zaporozhye, one of the streets.

Tram rides, smoke pipe factory.

View of a modern district.

Type of protected area in the city - island on the Dnieper River Khortytsya.

Trees bent over the water.

Researcher Khortytsia journalist Konstantin Sushkov with his son sailing boat on the bay.

Swan floats on the lake, a heron on the shore.

Women gather rare plant species Khortytsia, dried grass on the tables.

Girls gather herbs.

Fawn in the bush near the water.

Khortytsia view from the high hill.

The plot of the second.


Vasilievsky Island in Leningrad, PNRM. Exchange with the bridge on the rostral columns, exchanges, warehouses, Cabinet of Curiosities. - Exchange the foreground - go trolleys, buses, and cars. - Rostral column, sculptures - symbols of Russian rivers.

Seafarers photographed on a background of rostral column.

Cabinet of curiosities.

PNRM. the halls.

Large academic globe.

The first astronomical observatory in Russia - one of the exhibition halls of the Kunstkammer.

The Academy of Sciences on the University Embankment.

Monument to Mikhail Lomonosov.

The complex of buildings at Leningrad University.

Lit torch on rostral column.

View Rostral Columns night.

The second part.

The plot of the third.


Girl playing the national instrument Altai.

Artists folk dance group dancing in the meadow.

PNRM. on the tops of mountains in the foreground - a field of flowers, clouds hung low over the tops.

Spider in the center of the web.

Horse grazing on a meadow in the foothills.

Men mow the grass in the meadow.

Yurt in the foothills, a shepherd driving a flock of sheep.

Men in national costumes Altai riding horses.

To pull up the tent "Lada".

Women with children, one of them with a stroller, go across the meadow.

Women kindle a fire in the meadow.

Altay narrator sings Alexei Culkin (sinhr.) in the meadow.

The river in the background - mountains in the fog.

PNRM. along the rocky banks of the river.

Herd of deer running across the meadow.

Herd of horses grazing in a clearing in the background - mountains.

The plot of the fourth.


Greece, summer, marathon participants run along the road.

View of Athens from a high point.

Girl and boy on the observation deck looking through a telescope.

Changing the Guard of Honour of the National Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Spectators watch the action.

View of the Acropolis.


Tourists climb to the Acropolis.

Built specifically for the first Olympics marble stadium.

Group of athletes running around the arena.

Empty seats in the stands.

General view of the stadium in the port of Piraeus, cars traveling on the road.

View the outdoor pool.

Motor boats floating on the canal wharf.

Sea, marina, a town on the shore in the background - mountains.

Ruins of Ancient Olympia.

Fragments of statues of gods, athletes.

Cleared ruins gymnastics school for boys.

Tourists visiting the ruins of Olympia.

Athletes run at the ancient stadium.

Branches of flowering trees.

The monument on the spot where buried heart of Pierre de Coubertin.

Key words

Flora. Wildlife. Landscapes. Protection of nature and environment. City transport. River and lake transport and road. Reserves. Cities, towns. Livestock. USSR Academy of Sciences. Vocational education. Architecture. Sculpture. Music. Museums. Sports. Sports games. People's life, holidays, entertainment. Athletics. History, archeology. Maritime transport and road. Tourism.