Film-travel almanac 1990 № 244

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Director: A. Gorchukov, K. Orozaliev, A. Mironov, N. Polonskaya

Operators: A. Gorchukov, K. Orozaliev, A. Chervyakov, A. Klimentjev

Reel №1

Part 1. 1st plot.

One day in London.

Views of London: streets, squares, monuments, landmarks, bridges.

Views of the river Thames.

Royal Guard soldier stands guard on a horse at the house of the Prime Minister Down Street.

General view of the Cathedral of St.


Double-decker red buses on the streets.

General view of the Tower of London.

View of Greenwich and the place where counts Greenwich meridian - longitude countdown.

General view of the sailboat "Catty sark" in the parking lot at the National Maritime Museum.

View of the museum - gallery rostra on the ship.

Construction of new buildings on the banks of the Thames in London.

The audience goes over the bridge to the Tower, passing motor vehicles, cyclists.

2nd story.

Beauty contrary ...

General view of the river Klyazma Gorohovets city.

View of city streets with wooden houses decorated with carvings and turrets.

Types of temples in


General view of the monument to Soviet-era figure of a man with raised hand in the star.

Resident of the city in the yard at the joinery machine for manufacturing carved architraves.

Panorama of autumn forest, along the river.

Part 2. Third plot.

Clay miracle.

View blossoming apple branches.

Masters of art ceramics factory "Gzhel" at work in the production workshops: paint products.

Kind of finished products.

View products period 40s 50s.

4th story.

A feast for the fox.

Kind of mountainous terrain in Chukotka (removed from the aircraft).

View of the remains of whales on the beach.

Hunters and residents of coastal village pulled out of the water whale carcass.

Shaman beats a tambourine.

Chukchi perform a dance.

Foxes in cages in fur farms.

Folklore Dance Ensemble performs at an open-air.

Villagers on the banks cut up the carcass of a whale.

Type of whale meat, cut into pieces.

Dogs eat meat on shore.

Bird colony on the shore, where lie the remains of the abandoned whale.

Key words

UK. City. Christianity. Historical and architectural monuments. City transport. Museums. Maritime transport. Vodnjan transport and road. Landscapes. Folk Art. Arts and crafts. Life. Features of national life. Marine fisheries.