Horizon 1978 № 19

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: O.Babushkin, M.Tavrog, A.Saranduk (rezhissyor vipuska)

Operators: Yu.Kryuchkov, Yu.Muravjyov, V.Novgorodcev, Yu.Pihotov

Reel №1

Almanac is the writer D. Danin.

First part.

1st plot.


Moscow city.

Students of the Moscow Aviation Institute held on the territory of the institute, discuss technical calculations.

Photograph by prof.

MAI, designer, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR MK Tikhonravov.

A group of students in the Iskra student design bureau are drawing for the drawing boards.

A student draws a satellite repeater on the board (the idea of ​​M.K.Tikhonravova).

Студент и преподаватель обсуждают чертеж спутника.

There are ads on the door of the design announcement: “Announcement!

Looking for men with a head but without "tails."

Students develop a mathematical image of a satellite on a computer.

Students assemble the satellite instrumentation complex, install it in the case.

Satellite testing in the pressure chamber, where ideal flight conditions are simulated.

Tests of the satellite for strength and vibration loads.

Check the operation of the satellite to separate it from the rocket.

Comprehensive satellite check offline.

The launch of the Iskra student satellite on October 26, 1978 (the launch is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Lenin's Komsomol).

Space antenna.

2nd plot.


City of Leningrad.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.

Stock Exchange Building.

Rostral columns beacons.

House number 6 on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, where the writer N. G. Chernyshevsky lived in 1861-1862.

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Key words

Professional Education (Higher). Astronautics. Radio. Cities, towns, villages. Litetratura. Architecture. Wildlife. Zoology.

Reel №2

The second part.

Archival documents: the report of the search in the apartment of NG Chernyshevsky on July 7, 1862; Agent data, denunciations from the "Arresting case of NG Chernyshevsky" and others.

Kazan Cathedral.

The road crew rides along the bridge near the Peter and Paul Fortress, enters the gates, drives through the territory of the fortress (staged).

The prison corridor.

Portraits of NG Chernyshevsky, his wife, sons.

The prison building.

Lattices on the windows.

The situation of the prison cell.

Candle, books, manuscript, glasses on the table.

Birds in the sky.

The prison building in the evening.

Kind of proclamation "To the peasantry from their well-wishers to bow".

The pendulum and clockwork of the clock in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The prison warden looks into the camera's eye (dramatization).

Manuscript of the novel "What should I do?".

Portrait of Dr.

Bokov, a graduate of the medical academy, arrested for distributing proclamations.

Clock, clock mechanism.

Prison cell.

The spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Kind of a forged note, from which it follows that the author of the proclamation is N.G. Chernyshevsky.

Reel №3

The third part.

Peter-Pavel's Fortress.

Manuscript of the novel "What should I do?".

Portrait of the publisher Nekrasov.

The entrance of the house of NG Chernyshevsky, the interiors of the rooms.

A newspaper note about the loss of the manuscript of the novel What's To Be Done?

Under the title: "The Loss of the Manuscript" dated February 3, 1863. The candle is on the table.

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Cover of the magazine "Contemporary", in which the novel "What to do?" Was published.

Kind of prison cell.

Monument to NG Chernyshevsky.

3rd story.


Flowers on a meadow.

Bumblebee on a flower.

Grasshopper on a blade of grass.

Bumblebee foot (macro shot).

Reel №4

Fourth part.

Grasshoppers in the meadow.

The grasshopper's ear (photo).

A drawing depicting the ear of a grasshopper.


The behavior of ants near the feeder with honey.

Antennae of the ant.

Beetle-twig on the river.

Antennae of the windworm.

Behavior of bees in the electromagnetic field (macro).