Horizon 1980 № 24

Film-document №52510 4 parts, Duration: 0:39:54 to collection Price category G
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Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:58

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Director: A.Saranduk, E.Taravkova, S.Rajtburt

Operators: P.Filimonov, N.Yurushkina, A.Pavlov

Reel №1

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1 part.

1 story.

Billion years in one hour.

In the game form, the story tells about scientists who performed an imitation of the evolutionary process on a computer.

In the roles of the heroes of the film artists - A. Alyokhin, V.Vlasov, V.Zholobov.

Key words

Landscapes. Ballooning. Air transport. City. Farming. Wildlife. Hunting.

Reel №2

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Two part.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Reel №3

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3 part.

Continuation of the 1st story.

2-nd plot.


The pilot-aeronaut V.V.Trofimov presents and comments on the filming of the second plot.

General view of the experimental base of the Central Aerological Observatory located near the town of Rylsk.

General view of the river Sejm.

Observatory staff are preparing the aircraft for launch. V.V. Trofimov observes the work.

Type of cylinders with gas on the flying field.

Preparation for the flight of the balloon under the guidance of the balloon master KT Kondrashova.

Morning landscape of the river: fog, boats by the shore.

Fishermen on the river, floating ducks.

The gas is pumped into the balloon. V.V.Trofimov and his partner prepare for the flight, they put on parachutes.

Aeronauts get in the basket.

The balloon rises to the sky.

The helicopter rises to the sky.

A balloon in the sky.

Types of settlements (shot from an aerostat).

General view of the radar.

View of the meadow with mown hay.

Mounds of hay.

Landing of the balloon.

Balloon on the meadow.

The pilots leave the basket.

Reel №4

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Four part.

3 plot.

Sable - Siberian beast.

Sable in the burrow.

Panorama of the mountains, the taiga.

Sable runs out of the mink, runs through the snow.

Landscape with early spring in Siberia: high water.

A nest of sable.

Small sables in the nest are selected from the nest.

A brown bear in the water, comes out of the water.

Sablets hide in the burrow.

Chipmunk in the forest.

Sable eaters at the nest.

Autumn landscape of the taiga.

A squirrel with a cone, hides a lump.

A hunter shoots a gun.

Common species of sable pelts.

The hunter is skiing in the taiga.

Traces of sable in the snow.

The dog barked at the sable, climbing up to the top of the cedar.

The hunter arranges the snare, sits by the fire.

Sable in the snare.

The hunter puts a sable in a sack.

Aircraft AN-2 on the field.

A man loads boxes with sables into a plane, the plane takes off.

The man is riding a sleigh.

Sable climbs out of the box to freedom, runs to the taiga.