Horizon 1981 № 25

Film-document №52511 4 parts, Duration: 0:34:54 to collection Price category G

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Yu.Danilov, E.Ostashenko

Operators: V.Ivanov, I.Kuznecov

Reel №1

The film plots include the following subjects:

1 part.

1 st story.

Look at the stars.

Young astronomers are lying on a clearing, looking at the starry sky.

General view of the star sky.

Residents of Simferopol on the streets of the city.

Movement of vehicles.

Advertising the film "Crew" on a special billboard.

The audience at the tables of a street cafe.

Children ride on carousels and other attractions in the park of culture and recreation.

The audience walks in the park.

A view of a glade of fairy tales with figures of heroes from "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

The building of Simferopol Youth Observatory.

Young astronomers enter the building, are engaged under the guidance of teachers, draw maps of the star sky, are engaged in the manufacture of a telescope under the guidance of the teacher NV Kudryavtsev.

Children at the telescope made by own hands.

Young astronomers have a polar solar telescope, presented by Crimean astronomer scientists.

Kind of drawings made on a space theme.

Key words

The Great Patriotic War. City. Extracurricular activities. Life. Landscapes. Parks and recreation. Astronomy. Architectural monuments. Museums. Cinema.

Reel №2

Two part.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Young astronomers and teachers of the youth observatory at tea-drinking. .

View of the starry sky.

Young astronomers conduct observations in a telescope behind the stars.

General view of the Genoese fortress in the vicinity of Sudak.

Landscape of the Crimea: the shore of the Black Sea, rocks.

Vacationers on the beach: sunbathe, bathe.

Young astronomers climb the hill, install a telescope.

A horse gallops in the valley.

Undersea world.

Flowers bloom (time-lapse photography).

Young astronomers observe the falling stars.

2-nd plot.

The writer's feat.

The plot tells about the writer SS Smirnov.

Interior rooms in the apartment of the writer.

Eternal flame at the grave of the Unknown Hero of the Brest Fortress.

People go with flowers to eternal fire, lay flowers, old women cry.

General view of one of the military memorials, a memorial wall with photographs and names buried.

General view of the memorial complex "Khatyn".

Reel №3

3 part.

Continuation of the second story.

Types of the Brest Fortress: a preserved building, ruins.

Writer SS Smirnov during a meeting with the defenders of the Brest Fortress (footage newsreels of the 50's 60's.).

Kind of exposition in the museum of the Brest Fortress.

One of the defenders of the fortress during the Great Patriotic War A.Romanov tells about his acquaintance with S.Smirnov (sinhr.) During the meeting, organized in the museum.

Newsreel footage of the 50's, 60's.): Procession of defenders of the Brest Fortress during solemn events in Brest.

A view of the public at the stadium during the solemn meeting, SS Smirnov among the defenders of the Brest Fortress, the speech of Sergei Smirnov, the pioneers teaches the flowers to the heroes.

Former military correspondent AI Fedorenko talks about SS Smirnov (sinhr.).

Reel №4

Four part.

Continuation of the second story.

AI Fedorenko tells (sync and for the frame.) About SS Smirnov.

Photos of S.Smirnov of the war years.

General view of the television tower on Shabolovka in Moscow.

S.Smirnov's book "Stories about unknown heroes".

Fragment of one of the movies on a military theme, made according to the scenario of S. Smirnov. S. Smirnov with one of his heroines - Ekaterina Mikhaylova in the home Situation. E. Mikhailov and S. Smirnov go with flowers to the monument to the heroes-paratroopers who fell for the liberation of the Crimea. S. Smirnov talking with local residents.

General view of letters addressed to S. Smirnov.

Ruins of the Brest Fortress.

The view of one of the casemates, on the wall of which the inscription: "I'm dying, but I do not give up.

Farewell to the Motherland! ".

Type of memorial complex "Brest Fortress".

General view of the Mound of Glory near Minsk.

View of one of the military tombs.

View of the memorial complex in Dubosekovo in memory of the Panfilov heroes.