Horizon № 27 (1981)

Newsreel №52513, 4 parts, duration: 0:33:38
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yu.Danilov, E.Taravkova, M.Tavrog
Camera operators:V.Ivanov, N.Yurushkina, D.Fedorovskij

Reel №1

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Artist Igor Kostolevsky represents the subjects of the almanac.

1 part.

1 story.

There is such a profession.

The honor guard with a banner passes on the parade ground of the Ryazan Higher Military Automobile Engineering School during the solemn presentation of diplomas and officer ranks to the graduates of the school.

The general hands out diplomas and certificates of conferring titles.

Young officers march, relatives and friends congratulate graduates.

Cadets of the school on the parade ground during drill training, in classroom classes, in the language laboratory, in the traffic rules office, in physical training classes, get acquainted with the work of the engines in the training room.

Kind of different military equipment in the garage of the school.

Cadets get acquainted with the technique, engage in simulators, master the automotive technique on the circuit.

The cadet clears the territory of the school.

A column of cadets stands on the parade ground, cadets play with a dog, clean boots.

Rehearsals of the musical ensemble of the school (sync.), Dance collective; Plays an ensemble of spoon-balls (sinhr.).

Participants in the drama circle rehearse the stage from an amateur performance

Personnel newsreel of the Great Patriotic War: a column of trucks moving on the pontoon bridge across the river, a meeting of Soviet troops in one of the Liberated cities, trucks with soldiers passing along the street, the people are welcoming their liberators.

Key words

Higher vocational education.
Amateur Art.
World War II.
Consumer services.

Reel №2

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Two part.

Continuation of 1 plot.

One of the cadets plays the piano in the club (sinhr.).

Cadets sleep in the barracks, jump on the training alarm, dress up, run with rifles to trucks.

Trucks leave the garages.

Combat exercises of cadets of the Ryazan Higher Military Automobile Engineering School: cadets with assault rifles flee to attack, shoot at targets.

BMP force water obstacle, cadets jump out of the infantry fighting vehicle, shoot, enter into hand-to-hand fight with the "enemy".

Cadets on vacation after graduation.

Cadets are trying on fitting in the tailoring shop for tailoring military uniforms.

Parade of cadets on the parade ground of the school.

2 plot.

The roles are performed by artists from Petushki.

Animals zoobazy film studio "Tsentrnauchfilm" in the forest on the set; Among them - spotted deer, lynx Kunak.

The type of entrance to the film studio's zoobase.

Dog Dinka with cubs.

A zoo worker holds a wolf cub in her arms.

Another employee of the Zoobase feeds Orlyk's lop from the bottle with milk.

View of the handcrow.

The porcupine crawls out of the hole, runs through the forest.

The employee of the base feeds the boar.

One of the employees deals with the hare: he gives him a drum, the hare knocks on the drum, eats a carrot.

The marten walks along a tree branch, a woman holds a marten in her hands.

Employees of the zoobase lead on bear leashes to filming.

Tedders climb into the water, play in the water.

Lynx Antoshka with a dog Druzhok in the same aviary.

Macaque is the main actor in the movie "Adventures of Nuki" during a rehearsal with a trainer.

The studio operators on the set are surrounded by animal artists: cubs, puppies.

The trainer guides the bear's lead.

Fox, squirrel.

Hedgehogs, eagle owl, badger, deer, magpie at zoobase film studio.

Reel №3

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3 part.

3 plot.


Female portraits written by Russian artists.

Icons of Our Lady.

Women and girls on the streets of Moscow.

Groups of young people on the streets.

A group of people in one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery.

The guide tells about the woman's portrait.

Young men express their opinion (sync.) Regarding female beauty, about the similarity and difference of women of the past and modern women.

Men on the street are interviewed (sinhr.).

Female portraits of Russian artists: Serov, Somova, Yaroshenko, and others.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Four part.

Continuation of 3 plots.

Female portraits of Russian artists: Kramskoy, Nesterov, Vrubel, Petrov-Vodkin, and others.

A woman with a child on the beach.

A man on a bench on the shore reading poetry (sinhr.).

The artist in the studio writes a portrait of a woman with her daughter, gives an interview (sinhr.).

A young woman is walking down the street of the city.

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