Horizon 1983 № 32

Film-document №52518 4 parts, Duration: 0:35:42.042 to collection Price category G

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:41

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: T.Gutman, E.Taravkov

Operators: V.Motichenkov,V.Ivanov,N.Yurushkina

Other authors: Zvukooperator R.Krasiljnikova

Reel №1

1 part

1 story.

Count and man.

Photo portraits of Leo Tolstoy and the Russian Enlightener, a peasant Timofei Bondarev.

The lines from the manuscript TM Bondarev.


Snowy field (landscape).

A horse harnessed in a cart runs along a country road.

PNRM. On wooden houses.

Interior of a country house.

One of TMBondarev's books in French.

Key words

Landscapes. Literature. Cartage. Medicine. The Second World War (including WWII). Wildlife. Protection of nature and environment.

Reel №2

Two part.

Continuation of the first plot.

Siberia Photo portraits of Leo Tolstoy.

A horse harnessed in a cart runs along the field.

PNRM. On the crowns of trees.

Tombstone with the PDP "HERE IS BROKEN RUSSIAN STUDENT Bondarev TM. 1820-1898. "

Yu. M. Nagibin talks about the content of the 2nd story (sync.).

2 plot.

Sister of Mercy.

Students of the Moscow Medical Academy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences talk about their choice of the future profession of a nurse (sinhr.), Take care of young children, Operated at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. A.Bakuleva of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Monument to the heroine of the defense of Sevastopol of the Crimean War, the sister of mercy Dasha of Sevastopol.

Reel №3

3 part.

Continuation of the second plot.

Students of the medical school inspect the expositions in one of the museums, talk about their studies (sinhr.), Practice at the Institute. A.N.Bakuleva AMS of the USSR. Doctors, nurses during the preparation for another heart operation in the operating unit.

Fragments of heart surgery by sewing an artificial valve.

Doctors, resuscitators, connect the respirator to the patient.

A monument to medical workers who died during the Great Patriotic War in the city of Kaluga.

Reel №4

Four part.

Yu. M. Nagibin talks about the content of the third story (sync.).

Plot 3. How to count rabbits?

PNRM. Through the forest.

Forest fauna: hares, squirrels, bears, martens, raccoon, deer, hazel grouse, black grouse, wild ducks, etc.

The huntsman counts the number of animals that live in the forest following their tracks.

Pages of the Red Book are turned over.