Horizon № 37 (1985)

Newsreel №52522, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:06
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:T.Gutman, M.Tavrog, V.Rodivilin
Camera operators:E.Potievskij, S.Dadayan, A.Pavlov

Reel №1

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Street of the city.

Movement tram past the building, which housed the wartime newspaper "Defending the Motherland."

People's Artist of the USSR, WWII veteran, former commander of the naval artillery platoon Yu.M.Neprintsev on the battlefield, where there was a front line of defense of Leningrad, in the office, shares his memories (and synchronously over).

The artist's works Neprintseva devoted to the events of World War II.

Monument "Hill of Glory" - the former site of the front edge of the defense of Leningrad in 1941-1942.

Sunlight breaks through the trees in the park.


Soldiers at Rest - lunch, darn overcoat, reading letters.

Soviet-Finnish war. 1939

Soldiers on skis, camouflage move on the ground, pass through the trench.

Page of the newspaper "Defending the Motherland" on December 9, 1939 with the publication of excerpts from the poem Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin" with illustrations. 1941-1942. Soldiers handing out copies of the Army newspaper with excerpts from the poem "Vasily Terkin" in the trench. 1942-1943. Soviet soldiers cannon ferry across the river.

Vzryvysnaryadov smoke conflagration.


People's Artist of the USSR, the schedule O.G.Vereysky talks about working on the illustrations for the poem Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin" about Tvardovsky (synchronous and over).

Grapes on a branch of viburnum.



August 1941. Barrage balloons in the sky.

Balloon in the air at the Pushkin monument.

Summer 1941. Soviet fighters in the sky.

Pilot in the cockpit, looking through binoculars, spinning propeller plane, the pilot sits in the plane.

Soviet commanders on the airfield. 1941. German planes in the air.

Soviet fighters are dogfight falls burning plane.

Meeting the Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet V.V.Talalihina with his mother, during which he talks about the night air battle with the enemy (synchronous and over).



Signs on the houses of different streets with street names: Wins, Iron Division, Guerrilla alley.

Seeing the army.

Rally near the monument to those killed in the Second World War (synchronous and over).

Monument to Hero of the Soviet Union pilot V.V.Talalihinu, the place of his death in Podolsk, pioneers in the honor guard at the monument.

Photos - Kuibyshev, G.D.Gaya, Tukhachevsky, Frunze

Chronicle. [1918].

Court Flotilla move along the river.

Red Army soldiers sit in cars, the van.

Soldiers of the Iron Division - in the ranks.

Movement of the cavalry, infantry.

Krasnoarmeets cavalry, with mountain. 1918. Refugees at the railway station.

Distribution of food to children. 1941. Kalinin hands V.V.Talalihinu Gold Star Medal, in connection with the awarding of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union in the Kremlin.


Exposure and individual exhibits Znamenny hall in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

HSU V.P.Mayborsky, repeated the feat Alexander Matrosov, soldiers found one of the military units.

Chronicle. 1944. Farmer, one of the farms, Mogilev region D.N.Tyapin Anyuta on the village square after its liberation from the Germans, sends Soviet officers saved them, the banner 24 Iron Division.

Parts 1, 2, 4. Chronicle. 1941-1943 years.

German bomber swoops.

Moving German tanks, infantry passes.

Parts 2 and 3. Tow truck, on the airfield, the plane "SU-24", the crew sits in the plane, the plane in the air.

Evening verification Regiment Air Force.

Key words

World War II.
Russian Civil War.
Armed forces.
Luftwaffe troops.

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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