Horizon 1975 № 8

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Director: M.Tavrog, K.Rovnin, G.Holjnij

Operators: A.Klimentjev, V.Ropejko, D.Masurenkov, Yu.Shuplyakov, V.Pustovalov, E.Ueckij

Other authors: A.Romanov, L.SmirnovaV.Vinogradov, V.Stezhenskij, N.Pozharickaya

Reel №1

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The scientific observer of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Y. Golovanov represents the subjects of the magazine.

1 part. 1 st story.

Five barriers.

Performances of pentathlete athletes at the World Pentathlon Championships in Moscow in 1974:

Competitions in jumping - a panorama of the equestrian stadium, athletes draw lots to whom the horse will get, the start of the competition.

Horsemen at the distance overcome obstacles;

Competitions in fencing on swords - sportsmen during duels; Athletes, pentathletes on the shooting range, are preparing for competitions, shoot at targets; Competitions athletes, five-brosers in swimming and running.

Key words

Sports. Pentathlon. City. Historical and architectural monuments. Egypt. Czech Republic. Museums. Japan. Theatre. Biology. Genetics.

Reel №2

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Two part. 2-nd plot.

Sphinxes on the Neva.

Quay of the Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress, dome of St.

Isaac's Cathedral (winter filming).

Panorama from the Neva on the sphinxes near the building of the Academy of Arts.

Views of Cairo, the Nile, the bridge over the Nile (removed from the helicopter).

Ancient Sphinx.

Sands of the Libyan Desert.

Ruins of Thebes - the ancient capital


Sculptures of sphinxes on the way to Luxor Temple.

Ruins of Luxor.

The ruins of the Karnak temple and the alley of the sphinxes.

Statue of Pharaoh Ramses II.

The sight of one of the tombs in the rocks.

Drawings on the walls inside the tomb.

3rd story.

Experiments by Gregor Mendel.

Staged pages from the life of the Austrian naturalist, monk, the founder of the doctrine of heredity Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), which formulated the patterns of transmission of hereditary traits.

In the role of G. Mendel - artist Nikolai Volkov.

General view of the city of Brno, city streets, interiors of rooms and exhibits of the Mendelianum Museum.

G. Mendel planted grains of peas in the experimental plot.

Zaintrafernaya filming: the emergence of pea shoots, the growth of stems, flowering. G. Mendel pollinates pea flowers in an experimental plot, puts on paper caps on them., Tells his young student about the inheritance in nature.

Reel №3

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3 part.

Continuation of the 3rd story.

G.Mendel enters the building, passes into the library, leafs through the encyclopedia of plants, sits down at the table, reflects (per frame).

The herd of horses in a meadow. G.Mendel on the experimental site with planting of peas, a monk comes up to him and talks with him. G.Mendel at the table cleanses peas.

Monks in the temple during the Mass.

Among them, G. Mendel. G.Mendel with one of the monks passes through a narrow town street. G. Mendel in the polesadnik, planting peas on the bed. G.Mendel with his Pupils in a meadow, in an apiary, fumigates a beehive, takes a honeycomb from a hive, talks with children (sinhr.). G.Mendel with one of the students on the experimental field with the planting of peas.

Reel №4

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Four part.

Continuation of the 3rd story.

G.Mendel works at the table, studies records with studies of hereditary signs of peas, reads a letter, smokes, writes a letter.

G. Mendel speaks at a meeting of the scientific community, talks about the results of his research (sinhr.).

View of one of the laboratories.

Genetic scientists conduct research.

General view of the monument to Gregor Mendel in Brno.

4 th story.

Ballet under the water.

Actors of the Tokyo Aquarium Theater show their choreographic compositions under the water (sync with music).

Head of the theater in dressing room.

Artists are preparing for the show - they put on costumes, go down into the water.