Horizon 1975 № 9

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Reel №1

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The stories of the magazine are presented by Professor VM Shestakov.

1 part.

1 story.

Nine letters.

The plot of the magazine is based on the letters of the Syzran schoolboy Tolya Cherepashchuk, published in 1958 in the essay by A. Agranovsky "Comet Cherepashchuk."

In the plot, the staged form tells about the Syzran teenager Tole Cherepashchuk, his enthusiasm for astronomy and correspondence with AA Tarkovsky.

View of the snow-covered field, streets in Syzran.

The hero of the story - Tolya Cherepashchuk installs a telescope on the balcony of a wooden house, looks through a telescope.

The interior of the room of the boy in the attic of the house.

The boy polishes the glasses for the telescope, passes along the city street, puts the letter into the mailbox.

The texts of the letters to AA Tarkovsky sound in the background.

Reel №2

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Two part.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Morning in the room of Tolya Tcherepashchuk: Tolya gets up, does gymnastics, washed, removes snow in the yard of the house, polishes the lenses for the telescope, makes a wooden tripod for the telescope.

Behind the scenes are the texts of Tolya's letters to AA Tarkovsky.

Tolya's classmates in the courtyard at the telescope, watching the telescope behind the sky.

Tolya runs down the street.

Photo of the starry sky.

January 9, 1975: awarding the Lenin Komsomol Prize to a team of scientists, including A. M. Cherepashchuk.

In the presidium - EM Tyazhelnikov and others.

Meeting AMCherepashchuk with young astronomers. A.Cherepashchuk answers questions from a microphone (sync.), In particular about his supposed discovery of a comet.

Reel №3

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3 part.

2 plot.


The plot tells about the school of Japanese engraving - Ukiyo-E. Streets of one of the Japanese cities (Tokyo?), Passes the audience, passing bicyclists.

Motorcyclists, cars.

Women in a kimono on one of the streets of the city.

Two little girls are walking along the street holding hands.

People with cameras are photographed on the street.

Japanese artist in his home environment for making wood engravings.

General view of Japanese engravings of Ukiyo-E school.

General view of the works of the Japanese artist Sirako Hokusai.

3 plot.


An album depicting compositions from plants.

Types of compositions with flowers.

Women in kimono make up ikebana with flowers and plants.

Chamomile and gillyflowers on the flowerbed in the garden.

Reel №4

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Four part.

4 plot.

The plot tells of the island of Kerguelen in the Indian Ocean.

View of the island from the sea.

Snowy mountain peaks, rocky shores.

Bird colonies on the island: golden-headed penguins, blue-eyed cormorants, royal penguins, etc.

Rookery of sea elephants.

Sea elephants on the shore, in the sea.

Panorama of the scientific station.

View of the launch pad.

Rocket launch.

Workers of the station observe the flight of the rocket.

One of the penguins is walking through the village.

A group of men comes out of the house.

The helicopter is on the landing.

The sea elephants lie next to the construction site, where the machinery works.

The cameraman takes pictures of birds on the island.

Men on the shore photograph the sea elephant.