Horizon 1988 № 47

Film-document №52533 5 parts, Duration: 0:42:29.385 to collection Price category G

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: M.Tavrog, E.Potievskij, T.Gutman, P.Filimonov

Operators: E.Potievskij, I.Korganov, S.Komarnickij

Other authors: Rezhissyor vipuska - M.Tavrog

Reel №1

First part.

The plot is the first.


There is a printing press, printed newspaper numbers.

The plot tells of the poet, revolutionary figure NP Ogaryov.

The view of the earth from a flying airplane (rivers, fields, churches).

Newsreel frames: the plane lands on the landing strip, the urn with the ashes of N. Ogaryov solemnly carried out from the salon, a rally at the old building of the Moscow State University (1966).

Moscow, a monument to N. Ogaryov in front of the old university building.

Summer, visitors to a street cafe.

Students at the entrance to the university (on Mokhovaya).

Trolleybuses are riding along Herzen Street, the prospect of the street.

The policeman regulates the movement in front of the building of the State Planning Committee of the USSR.

Transparent "Let's restructure!" On Herzen Street.

View of Ogaryov street.

Cinema re-film in the street Herzen, posters.

Memorial plaque on the house, in which in 1822-1834. Lived N.P. Ogaryov.

A picturesque portrait of N.O. Ogaryov.

PNRM. On the portrait of Emperor Nicholas I. Caricatures of the XIX century on autocracy.

The archive of the III department of the Imperial Chancellery, the case of Ogarev, 20 years old.

Cars go on the road outside the city, a pointer to N. Akinino (Penza region), where in exile in the estate of his father lived a poet.

The inscription on the wall of the collapsed house "HERE WILL BE A MUSEUM OF OGARYOV".

The general view of the village, the boys ride a bicycle along the road.

A woman hangs clothes in the courtyard of the house, geese walk around the yard.

Older women are sitting on a bench near a wooden house.

The ruins of the manor house, the boy stands in the doorway.

A man plays the piano (sinhr.), A woman sings a romance Ogaryova (off-screen).

Portraits of N. Ogaryov and his first wife Maria Roslavlova.

Old oaks in the forest.

The Penza region, the ferry sails from the pier, on the bank a herd of cows grazes.

Key words

Landscapes. City transport. River transport. Printing, publishing. Cities, towns. Preschool about home education. Building. Sculpture. Music. Painting. Fiction. Museums. Arts and crafts. National life. Ingenuity. Vocational education.

Reel №2

The second part.

Interiors of the N.Gerzen House Museum in Moscow.

Summer, Moscow region, village of Beloomut (shot from the top point).


Rural cemetery, PNRM. By grave.

Ruined temple in the cemetery.

PNRM. On wooden houses, a church in the center of the village.

River, meadows (taken from a flying airplane).

G. Saransk, a monument to N. Ogaryov before the Mordovian Order of Friendship of Peoples State University named after N.O. Ogaryov.

A man is playing a piano (sync.), A woman is singing a romance (off-screen).

Portrait of the second wife of N. Ogaryov Natalia Tuchkova.

Records made by NPOgaryov.

Portraits of N.Ogaryov in adulthood.

The denunciation written by M.Roslyakova to her ex-husband.

A man is riding a cart on the street of the village of Prolomikha.

Wooden structures are burning.

View from the window of a railway car (plantation).

Newsreels: a rally at the Novodevichy Cemetery, dedicated to the return of Nikolai Ogaryov's ashes to Russia, PNRM. On the faces of those present, the burial of the urn with ashes (1966).

Memorial plate on the grave of NPOgaryov.

Reel №3

The third part.

The plot of the second.


The plot tells about the Vologda lace-makers.

Printing house, working typographic machine.

PNRM. On printed newspapers, magazines.

Early spring, church (the image spreads in lace). G.Vologda, a bridge across a frozen river, fishermen on ice, in the background - a church.

The girls in the kindergarten paint lace at the tables.

Girls, boys draw laces, weave lace.

Drawings of children.

Laces on bobbin.

RVLeonidova plaits lace at home, talks about her work (sinhr.).

CU m.p.

Hand lace, her face.

Lace panel, the process of weaving.

Lace makers work in the workshop.

CU m.p. - The girl is weaving a pattern, PNRM. On faces of skilled workers.

Older lacemakers teach young weave lace.

Reel №4

Fourth part.

Lace, lace products.

RV Leonidova, a lacemaker, wove lace on bobbins, tells about her life (sinhr.).

Winter, Vologda, a snowstorm sweeps a wooden house with snow.

Church on the shore of a frozen river, fishermen on the ice, in the background - a bridge.

Wooden houses on the beach.

Birdhouses on the birch.

Ice drift on the river, the boys are walking along the ice floes, the transport is traveling along the bridge.

Center of Vologda, traffic.

View of the city center from the top.

Cupolas of churches.

Faces of girls in kindergarten.

An elderly woman walks along a snow-covered street along wooden houses.

The third plot.


The plot tells about the Moscow inventor RZKozhevnikov.

The printing house, a printing press works, newspapers, magazines are printed.

Geranium on the windowsill, PNRM. On RZ Kozhevnikov, who constructs the fastening part for the display case.

PNRM. On fasteners.

RZKozhevnikov talks about his inventions (sinhr.), Demonstrates the "wheel inside out" - a grab for the robot.

Reel №5

Fifth part.

Summer, RZ Kozhevnikov walks through a forest glade, in the background - a river, trees along the banks.

Kozhevnikov's invention "the wheel inside out" moves around the glade.

Portable TV "Youth - 603" stands in the clearing, the "wheel" sucks the TV, transfers it.

RZKozhevnikov is testing his new invention - a cross-country vehicle on a glade.

Moscow, the view of one of the construction sites in the new microdistrict, piles are hammered.

RZKozhevnikov in the meadow demonstrates his version of the technique for driving piles - a piston with rolling friction.

The boys are playing with the "wheel inside out" in the clearing.

In the film, fragments of the telecast "This You Can" were used.