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Director: K.Rovnin, E.Ostashenko

Operators: P.Tartakov, O.Fedotov

Other authors: Konsuljtanti S.V.Mironenko, V.I.Kostin, A.A.Strigalyov

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The first part.

Story first.

Rebellious lieutenant.

The story tells about the Decembrists I.I.Suhinove - lieutenant Chernigov Regiment.

Paper archive III Branch of the Imperial Chancellery, 1826. - Business Decembrist I.I.Suhinova.

Graphic artist Eugene Maciejewski in his studio portraits exploring the Decembrists. E.Matsievsky portrays I.Suhinova. - A face painter.

Stork in the nest on the roof of a village house.

Old house in the village street (Kherson region.).

PNRM. the village, cornfield, cows, horses grazing in a meadow.

Portraits of the heroes of the war of 1812.

Portrait of Alexander I.

G.Tulchin (Ukraine, Vinnitsa region.), A group of sculptures depicting the Decembrists, the town square, a plaque on the house "here in March 1821 was created SOUTHERN COMPANY DEKABRISTOV" overall appearance of the house, alley in the city park.

Rain, the building of the Museum of History of the Decembrist movement in the house P.I.Pestelya.

General view of the village Trylisy (Ukraine, Kiev region.).

River, wooden houses on the shore.

Thatched hut on the river bank.

E.Matsievsky portrays I.I.Suhinova the description gendarmerie detectives.

Church on the hill, PNRM. by domes, PNRM. rural houses.

Central square Vasilkovo (Kiev region)., Where was read regimental priest Orthodox catechism S.I.Muraveva Apostle.

Monument to the Decembrists Square, established in 1975.

The second part.

Footage from the silent film and G. Kozintsev L.Trauberga "Rise of Chernigov."

E.Matsievsky artist in his studio paints portraits I.Suhinova.

Ukraine, Vilna region., City

Ostrog, Epiphany Cathedral dome, castle Prince of Ostrog, which was brought into captivity I.Suhinova.

PNRM. to the former cellars of the castle prison.

View of the city from the castle ruins.

The central area of ​​the city.

Portrait of Nicholas I. lithographs depicting the settlement of convicts.

Chita region., Nerchinskogo village at the mine, in the background - a hill.

Dispatch Nicholas I Nercinsk, imperious I.Suhinova shoot.

I.Suhinova finished portrait - the artist's work E.Mozalevskogo.

Stork nest on an old tree.

Rooster is on the road.

Horses, cows on the lawn in the background - village houses, a well on the street (p.


The third part.

The plot of the second.

From the order SOLNTSELOVOV.

The story tells about the Russian painter, artist, designer, graphic artist, stage designer V.E.Tatline.

PNRM. V.E.Tatlina picture.

Church of the Novodevichy cemetery, PNRM. the graves.

Alleys cemeteries.


The inscription on a tombstone, "Honored Artist ARTIST VE Tatlin 1885-1953 ".

A.N.Korsakova artist - Vladimir Tatlin's widow in his workshop of paintings, drawings.

Portraits V.Tatlin written A.Korsakovoy.

Sailboat in the sea at sunset.

Seagull flying in the sky.

Photos sailboats early.

XX century.

Paintings V.Tatlin dedicated sailors.

Photos of the young Vladimir Tatlin.

V.E.Tatlina lifes, portraits and drawings.

Summer Street, Moscow.

Ostozhenka house, where there was a commune-master artists.

Portraits of models.

V.E.Tatlina paintings created in the 1910s.

Photo V.Tatlin in Ukrainian costume with bandura.

Billboard art exhibitions in Moscow in the 1910s. "Jack of Diamonds". "Donkey's Tail" and "Shop", etc.

Photo compositions Tatlin - "kontrrelefy."

Newsreels: Moscow, early.

The twentieth century., Carriages, pedestrians on the Moscow River bridge, the Kremlin; Paris, early.

The twentieth century.

Crews on the streets, pedestrians view of the city from the Eiffel Tower; Moscow, [1918.] Demonstration with banners "Proletarians of all countries, unite!";  Lunacharskii playing on the street in front of the demonstrators, unveiling Garibaldi, trolley rides on the street; Moscow, aprel1930g., Hearse with the body of Vladimir Mayakovsky going down the street surrounded by people at Novodevichy Cemetery.

Drawings Tatlin - Vladimir Mayakovsky, D. Burliuk.

Photo by Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Collection of poems and drawings "Missal three" (Vladimir Tatlin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, D. Burliuk).

The fourth part.

Design of the monument III Internationale (MLTK, layouts) - V.E.Tatlina work.

Newsreels: Moscow, 1920., Tram rides down the street, the city's streets.

Drawings of clothes designed Tatlin.

Photos of dishes made V.E.Tatlina students under his leadership.

Novodevichy monastery walls, bell tower in the woods.

Steps leading to the bell tower, which housed the workshop Tatlin.

Drawings aircraft developed Tatlin.

Photo V.Tatlin with his aircraft.

Model aircraft V.E.Tatlina.

Newsreels: Moscow, nach.1950-ies., Paintings, sculptures at an art exhibition, the protagonist - Joseph Stalin.

Lifes V.E.Tatlina.

Sketches Tatlin - scenery for productions.

Sketches of scenery and costumes for the opera "Life for the Tsar", "The Flying Dutchman."

Poster for the play on the poem by Velimir Khlebnikov "Zangezi" - Designer V.Tatlin performance - at the Museum of Artistic Culture (Petrograd, 1923.)

Sketches V.Tatlin for productions of "The first comedian of the 17th century", "Business", "Kronstadt".

A.N.Korsakova in his workshop examines his drawings devoted husband.

View from the bell tower of the Novodevichy Convent.

Key words

Landscapes. Wildlife. City transport. Cartage. Political propaganda campaign. Maritime transport. Cities, towns. Consumer services. Painting. Theatre. Museums. Sculpture. Christianity.

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