Horizon 1978 № 25

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: T.Plotnikova, M.Tavrog, V.Popova,V.Antipova

Operators: V.Suprun, I.Sosenkov, V.Ivanov

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of 3 subjects:


We will astronauts.

Schoolchildren, members of Young Astronauts flying a kite in the sky (slow motion).

Starry sky.


Children's drawings on the space theme.

Children in the observatory.

k / m b / w [1903.] Man on a winged bicycle tries to fly.


General view of the city of Kaluga (removed from the upper point).

Travel to the house where he lived and worked, the Russian scientist and inventor, founder of modern astronautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

PNRM. on the interior of the room.

k / m b / w [1920-1930-err.] Tsiolkovsky working on creating metal airship.

Works in the field of aerial and rocket dynamics, the theory of the aircraft and airship.

k / m b / w [1965.] Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in space.


Models of various spacecraft, interplanetary probes, rovers made by children at the Palace of Pioneers.

Young Astronauts Club members collect models of spaceships, engaged in physical training in the centrifuge and other special simulators, test space rockets.

PNRM. the building Air and Space Museum.

PNRM. Models of artificial satellites in the museum.

Boy draws planetship, starships in one of the halls.

2 plot.

Who lives in the woods.

PNRM. in the woods (winter mode).

PNRM. Traces of elk, foxes, wolves, wild boar in the snow.

Buds on the trees bloom in the spring forest.

Bumblebee builds burrow underground hatches larvae.

Thrushes fed worms their chicks in the nest on the tree was removed from the crow chicks.

Protein nurses squirrels in a nest on a pine tree.

Zaychiha with leverets in the grass.

Raccoon dog with puppies in a hole.

Wild duck with ducklings swimming in the marsh pond, hiding in the reeds from the fox.

Wolf teaches the cubs to develop their territory in the forest.

Reindeer on the edge of the forest.

W plot.

I and all my relatives.

Kitchen with utensils in a residential apartment.

Served MLTP dining table.

Cracked earth.

Master makes bundles of clay pitcher, it is filled with water.

Flame burns fire.


Craftsmen work on the potter's wheel, paint clay pots.

Fire burns finished pottery.

Ancient Greek vases and vessels.

Pottery of South America.

Samples Central Asian ceramics.

Fair Russian ceramics.

Samples Gzhel ceramics.

Black-polished ceramic vessels from the city of Yaroslavl.

Pottery from Skopina.

Clay toys, whistles.

PNRM. for articles of porcelain in one of the palaces.

PNRM. The process of making dishes from white clay (kaolin) using a machine-gun.

Artists paint finished products.

Key words

City. Museums. Astronomy and Space. Zoology. Wildlife. Painting. Landscapes. School education. Porcelain industry.