Horizon 1978 № 26

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Director: V.Popova, E.Taravkova, Yu.Aljdohin

Operators: G.Ershov, P.Tartakov, G.Boyarskij, G.Chumakov

Reel №1

In the log includes the following Video clips:

Part 1.

1 plot.

Golden ears.

Girl in Russian national costume brings out bread and salt towers.

Good fellow tries bread.

View of ancient clay pots in which the ancient Slavs stored grain.

Blooming apple trees in the garden.

Ears of wheat in the field.

Grains of wheat on a person's palm.

Russian landscape: prairie, forest.

Man cuts wheat ears ancient stone sickle, frays grain between stones.

View old millstones.

Rotate millstones, milled grain.

View of the river.

Watermill on the river: spinning wheel, rotate the millstones, flour pours down the chute.

General view of the windmills in the field.

Male hand mill spins in the wind direction.

Tortillas, cereal in a bowl on the table.

Interior old hut.

Fit dough in a wooden vat.

Woman making cakes of dough, put them in the oven, puts bread on a towel ready.

Part 2.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Female preparing dough tortillas, cakes suitable furnace.

Test wheat dough elasticity and firmness.

Manufacturing Confectionery factory.

General view of the exhibition of agricultural machinery.

Harvester "Niva" works in the field, removes bread.

Time-lapse photography of germination of wheat grains from the ground.

General view of the field with green wheat mass.

Watering wheat with a special watering device.

Blooming wheat.

Harvesters working in the field.

Grain pours into the truck.

Kind of finished bakery products at one of the bakeries.

Udarnitsa harvest loaf of bread encounter in the field.

Newsreels of the Great Patriotic War: issuing rations of bread in the besieged Leningrad, the residents of the city streets, fighting Soviet artillery, an employee of one of the plants in the shop for the manufacture of shells.

2 plot.

Fortress "Nut".

Seagulls over the sea.

Motor ship in the sea.

Shlisselburgskaya island fortress Nut Lake Ladoga at the source p.


Part 3.

Continuation of the 2nd story.

General view of the Novgorod Kremlin (citadel), St.

Sophia Cathedral, shopping arcade on the trading side of the city (Yaroslav's Court).

In the story in an entertaining way, using puppets and models, describes the history of the fortress.

Types Shlisselburgskaya fortress.

Interior view of the camera, which contained a revolutionary Vera Figner.

The plaque on the site of the execution the People in 1887 (including

Alexander Ulyanov).

A sign on one of the buildings of the fortress "of the Leningrad branch of the RSFSR People's Commissariat of Revolution Museum.

Museum" Shlisselburgskaya fortress-Nut ".

Barge floats on the lake.

Newsreels 1917: people are rejoicing on Nevsky Prospekt in Peretburge prisoners out of jail, with removable grilles prison.

Newsreels of the Great Patriotic War: beat the big guns, the sailors on the ship load a gun, trucks traveling on the "road of life" through the Ladoga lake, near the road pointer - "Schlusselburg", ruins of buildings, the soldiers out of the basement of the fortress and beat the big guns to protect the fortress commander looks through binoculars.

Part 4.

3 plot.

Listen to all.

Daisies in the field, a seagull flying over water.

Bird, smeared in black oil, selected on the shore.

Kind of a dead bird.

View fallen, mangled trees.

Solemn line at the Union camp "Eaglet", dedicated to the students' participation in children's organizations, protecting nature.

General view of a school forest Zhukovska high school number 1 in the Bryansk region.

Members of the school forest listening task leader forestry - I.S.Artyuhova math teacher, go to the forest, clean leaves, twigs fence around young trees and anthills.

Members of the "Blue Patrol" - students from Suraż floating motorboats on the river Ipout, come ashore save fry geography teacher-led V.S.Bathana.

Newsreels 20s-50s: students go to the park to plant trees, the collective participation of children in the planting of greenery in one of the districts of Moscow;  student participation in the celebration of birds: Columnar children with birdhouse is on the street, children hang birdhouses; children caring for animals in the Moscow zoo.

Pupils under the leadership F.A.Manteyfelya - leader of the club of young biologists zoologists watching chick hatching from an egg.

5 part.

Continuation of the 4th story.

Members of the "Blue Patrol" with nets on the riverbank.

General view of the poles with a birdhouse in the village near Ryazan Zhelannoye.

Guys led by schoolteacher labor N.T.Kosheleva carved nest boxes for birds, go into the woods with the teacher, check nest boxes make recording his observations in a diary, ringed birds watching eater for storks nest.

View of a waterfall in Karelia.

General view of the waterfall Kivatch.

Children - members of a school forest "Berendey" sitting around the campfire, under the guidance of a teacher K.A.Andreeva accept new children in forest, studying Karelian birch forest.

Children at the zoo caring for animals; of animals - tiger, raccoon, llama, owl, etc.

Key words

Crop. Museums. Historical and architectural monuments. Archaeology. Food industry. Landscapes. Life. The Great Patriotic War. The February Revolution of 1917. City. River and lake transport. Revolutionary and political movement of the 19th century. Out of school education. Christianity. Zoology. Biology. Forestry. Ecology. The Nature Conservancy.