Horizon 1983 № 36

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Director: N.Nikitkin, E.Taravkova, T.Gutman

Operators: I.Sosenkov, N.Yurushkina, P.Filimonov

Reel №1

Leading playful subjects are included in the film almanac "Star".

Part 1.

1st plot.

Gun and a bird.

General view of the coat of arms of Smolensk.

Types of Smolensk: central square, streets, vehicular traffic, people on the streets of the city, Hotel "Russia".

General view of the city stadium during one of the holidays.

Athletes sprint at the stadium, the crowd in the stands.

The audience in the city park, children ride on the carousel and other attractions.

General view of a ferris wheel in the park.

Types of Smolensk Kremlin, Cathedral of the Assumption.

General view of the monument to the architect Fyodor Kon.

Types of the Dnieper River in the city limits.

Countryside of the city: the woods and ravines.

Type armor conquerors in exposure Smolensk Museum.

Part 2.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Drawings on the theme of the 1812 War.

Fragments of the movie "War and Peace."

Portraits of the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov monument in Smolensk.

The inhabitants of Smolensk in one of the town squares.

View of the fountain in the square.

Children ride on cars on the track of the park.

Man is the baby's hand.

Boating on the river.

View of the monuments dedicated to the heroes of the war of 1812, in Smolensk.

Schoolchildren on excursions in the Smolensk museum.

The inhabitants of Smolensk lay flowers at the eternal fire.

Column marchers world passes through the streets of Smolensk in 1982.

Residents of the city welcomed the march participants.

The boys at the walls of the Kremlin on the bank of fish.

Newsreel footage of World War II: German planes in the sky, the German military trucks, tanks driving down the road, marching column of German soldiers, German officers watching with binoculars.

View nemetskh crosses piled in a heap.

Landing in the echelons of the Soviet soldiers, sending the train with troops.

General view of Soviet military equipment.

Shelling of Soviet shells at enemy positions.

Nazis are street fight.

Soviet soldiers go on the offensive under the cover of tanks.

Soviet planes in the sky. "Katyusha" firing at the enemy.

A group of German officers from the map.

General view of the Soviet posters during World War II.

Part 3, Part 4.

2nd story.

Whose stump?

Plot kinoalmanaha playful, using animals with zoobazy "TSENTRNAUCHFILM" tells the story of an old stump on flora and fauna of the forest.

In the plot was filming the following: types of forest outside Moscow in summer, winter, spring; forest wildlife: birds, insects, animals; among them - proteins hares, foxes, bears, bears, deer with calves, marten, mouse, owl, woodpecker, bees, ants, slugs, etc.

Movie characters - the boys go through the woods, gather mushrooms, make a fire.

5 part.

3rd Palace music.

Plot magazine almanac tells about children's musical theater.

A general view of the theater building.

Theater interiors.

Fragments of the ballet "Blue Bird" on the stage (sinhr.).

Children in the auditorium theater.

Key words

City. Christianity. Historical and architectural monuments. Landscapes. Sculpture. Parks and recreation. Life. Sports facilities. Museums. The situation of children. The Great Patriotic War. Germany. The Second World War. Cinema. Flora. Wildlife. Theatre. War of the 19th century. The struggle for peace.