Horizon 1975 № 20

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The story about the iron ore; Clever cow.

Reel №1

Kinoalmanah consists of 4 plots.

The first part.

Pupils are on the school grounds with scrap metal.

The guys on the ship scrap car.

1st plot.


Kursk region.

Mining of iron ore by open way.

Blasters ignites cord.

Explosion in his career.

Loading of iron ore excavated on trolley.

Trolley laden ore moving on the narrow gauge railway in his career.

View shop concentrator.

Ore lumps are moving on a conveyor belt.

Rotating drum in which comminuted ore into a powder.

Iron grains of going to a large magnet.

Type of buildings and blast furnaces, steelworks.

Loading furnaces.

Electric drill punches a hole in the furnace, pouring boiling metal.

View staleplavilnynogo shop.

Steelworkers at work.

Pouring molten iron.

The automatic pouring of molten iron into a converter.

Operating model, which demonstrates loading scrap into the converter.

Converter automatically tilts.

Steelworker takes a sample of the metal.

The second part.

Shop metallurgical plant.

Blazing bars moving roller conveyor.

Ingots pass through rollers that compress and stretch bars.

Ready car off the assembly line.

Boy hangs a banner reading: "We collect scrap metal!".

2nd story.


Circus with trained cow at the circus.

Spectators on the podium.

Cow spinning, playing with a ball, puts the ball into the goal, making a bow, took a handkerchief out of the box, before opening the bolt box.

Herd of cows on the meadow.

Third plot.


River in the forest.

Students collect bouquets of dandelions in a clearing in the woods.

Guys to engage in a circle.

Boy grinds twig tree.

Crafts guys from twigs and tree roots, "dancer", "Wise owl", "Crocodile Gena with chickens", "crocodile that swallowed the sun", etc.

Guys make applications of dried leaves and flowers.

The third part.

Guys make applications of dried leaves and flowers.

Paintings guys made from the dried leaves and flowers.

The boy makes a picture of straw.

Church and bell tower in the picture, made of straw.

Guys in the woods.

4th story.

LITTLE Zverushka Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.


Dutch naturalist 18., The founder of scientific microscopy Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (actor A.A.Kalyagin) makes the lens in the studio.

His visits an English scientist, member of the Royal Society (actor I.A.Vasilev).

The fourth part.

Continued dramatizations.

Leeuwenhoek scientist shows his "microscope."

Scientist examines a flea, mold on bread and other items through the "microscope".

He recommends Leeuwenhoek write about his invention to the Royal Society.

Leeuwenhoek refuses.

Scientist himself wrote a letter.

Leeuwenhoek explores different objects through the "microscope".

His visits to each of Google, with whom he shares his observations.

The fifth part.

Continued dramatizations.

Leeuwenhoek and of Google talk about the origin of the "little animals" in the water.

Leeuwenhoek takes samples of rainwater and water from the pond.

Protozoa taken through a microscope.

Leeuwenhoek writes a letter which sets out the results of their research.

The sixth part - absent in the archives has not arrived.

Key words

Metallurgy. Out of school education. Automotive industry. Agitprop. Circus. Livestock. Landscapes. Microbiology.