Health 1982 № 57

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Director: Belenjkij A., Guljchuk N., Polonskaya N., Cineman A., Chertov G.

Operators: Voronov R., Zguridi O., Orozaliev K., Sosenkov I.

Text writers: Leonidov P.


1. "computer warns" 2. "Hypotension" 3. "Surgery infarction" 4. "quenched baby"

Reel №1

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"Warns a computer."

People working in the shop.

Doctor handing out questionnaires to the workers.

Institute Vishnevsky Surgery Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, processing profiles on the computer.

Doctor talking to a patient.


Man smoking and reading the newspaper.

Woman working with documents at the table, removes his glasses, rubs his face.

Woman lying on the bed, writes in a notebook.

The doctor measures the pressure of the patient.

The woman opens a window, doing exercises, taking a shower, eating.

People walk in the park.

Skiers on the descent.

"Surgery of heart attack."

Doctors perform surgery.

Schematic: heart bypass surgery in myocardial.

Professor Knyazev preparing for surgery.

Surgeons in the operating room.

Heart switched to the heart-lung machine.

Stages of heart surgery.

"Quenched the kid."

Children walking in the park with his parents.

Adults respond to questions about the health of children.

Baby carriage wheels on the track.

Father and son playing with a water spray on the lawn.

Mother conduct procedures hardening of children at home.

Girl playing in the garden.

The boy with the ball runs to the water.

Children bathe in the river.



Medicine; Health; Childhood and youth
Science; Social life