A Rich Hectare. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Script writers: Smirnitskiy U.

Operators: Piskarev K.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the everyday life of the collective farm "Ukraine" .

Reel №1

Farm "Ukraine" in the bend of the Southern Bug - LS. (The plane, summer).

Harvesting wheat harvester - LS., MS. PNRM.

Combine P. Romanenko driving - CU.

Wheat spilling out into the back of the car combine - MS.

Ripe oats - MS.

Mechanic farm "Ukraine" Bondarchuk removes oats.

Mowing machine oats on the looming clouds.

Stormy skies.

The clouds in the sky.

Rain over unharvested fields.

Polegshie bread box.

Cleaning the fields in the evening, at night.

The building houses the collective culture - LS.

Farmers in the auditorium of the club - LS., MS.

Picture Show at the club, the screen shows a documentary film about Ryazan Kirov collective farm, which compete "Ukraine".

House of Culture in the evening - LS.

PNRM. Stadnitsa village - the center of the collective farm "Ukraine» - LS.

Board meeting and farm assets.

Collective farm chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor PF Vdovenko speaking at the (synchronous).

Secretary of the Party Bureau IL Bushinsky, agronomist AA Lakiza and others at the board meeting.

P. Romanenko mows last paddock of wheat.

Girls airs on current wheat by machine.

Field of ripe buckwheat - LS.

The machine cleans the crap - MS., CU.

Blooming sunflower - CU.

A field of blooming sunflowers.

Cornfield inspect farm chairman PF Vdovenko and agronomist AA Lakiza.

PNRM. on the corn field in the stage of formation of ears - LS.

In the collective farm garden flower mustard, planted the trees for the kolkhoz apiary.

PNRM. by kolkhoz apiary - MS.

Girls clean zucchini grown between the rows of young garden - LS., MS., CU.

Harvesting forage watermelons grown in a cornfield.

Fodder in the watermelon - CU.

Harvesting corn silage harvester KU-2, which is on track separates the stems of young ears.

Silage corn in the open pit.

Deliveries of corn dough on vehicles to the place of silage.

Corn dough taken to the calf shed.

Calves in stalls, calf E. Sandpiper feeding calves green mass of corn.

E. Sandpiper weighs calf care for calves.

Reap the collective herd of cows on the alfalfa - LS., MS.

Field of flowering clover - LS.

Cows in their stalls eating fresh clover.

Milkmaid Maria Kushil feeding cows, milking electric milking.

Bulletin of the daily routine at the dairy farm farm.

Livestock LS Raznichenko talking with milkmaids.

Checking fat content of milk on the drain point - MS., CU.

The territory of farm trucks are "Milk» - LS.

Reel №2

Pig farm Luba Voitenko preparing food and feeding the pigs.

Pigs in a pen.

Correspondent asks L. Voitenko.

L. Voitenko on piggery says of himself (synchronously).

Pigs in the back of trucks, motor with the pigs leave the collective farm household.

Chickens on a collective farm yard - LS.

Apples with ripe fruits in the collective garden - LS., MS.

Harvesting apples in the collective garden.

Girls gather apples - CU.

Baskets of apples poured into boxes.

Apples in a box - CU.

Unripened grapes in the vineyard of the collective farm.

Brush grapes "Bessarabian - 1,001th."

Old gardener AV Hizhun the Vineyard tries young grapes taste.

Famous Ukrainian experimenter KF Petrenko examines vineyard.

AV Hizhun with collective farmer grafted seedlings in the nursery.

Kolkhoz fruit nursery - LS.

Harvesting sugar beet farm fields "Ukraine" machines.

Powered by Beet mechanic NY Yalyk.

Car loads of beet roots for cars.

Mountains beet field.

Talking on the radio farm chairman "Ukraine" PF Vdovenko and Kirov collective farm chairman A. Ephraim (synchronous) - CU.

Bright colors of the houses farmers.

New homes for farmers "Ukraine."

Farmer's family moves into a new home.

Kolkhoz EV Vaizhula celebrates new home.

Construction of service centers on the farm "Ukraine", the new four-row barn - LS., MS.

House of Culture - LS.

Farm chairman Vdovenko presents a ticket to a holiday home farmer V. Moroz.

Chief Accountant farm Bushinsky counts on the machine farm income.

Land farm "Ukraine" from the plane - LS.

Scheme indicators farm.

Animation: evening landscapes of Ukraine.

House farm chairman Vdovenko evening.


PF Vdovenko at home in the evening working on a book.