Starlet 1979 № 28

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Director: O.Babashkin, V. Popov, Yu. Danilov

Operators: V.Ivanov, V.Novgorodtsev, N.Zotov

Reel №1

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Artist G.Millyar represents subjects included in the almanac (synchronously).

The plot of "How to build airplanes."

Hang gliders flying in the sky.

Boys in the clearing firing off their model aircraft.

View airfield airfield.

Building of the airport "Borispol" in Kyiv.

Passengers leave the plane, go to the airport building.

Truck carries on the flying field aircraft AN-24.

The plane takes off from the runway.

Aircraft designer Oleg Antonov draws a sketch of the new model of the aircraft.

The computer draws a plane to specify the constructor parameters.

General view of the design office.

Design engineers for drawing boards.

Artist-designer develops the interior design of the aircraft.

Model aircraft AN-26.

Members of the circle for the construction of model aircraft model aircraft.

Preparation of the model aircraft AN-26 to the test in a wind tunnel.

Test Pilots in a special cabin learn how to manage aircraft of a new design.


Millyar G.F. -- Soviet film and theater actor
Antonov O.K. -- Soviet aircraft



Transportation; Science
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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Two part.

Continuation of the 1st story.

Assembling in the workshop Antonov CCB prototype aircraft.

Schoolchildren in an airplane mug collect airplane models.

Test the new model aircraft for strength in the workshop CDB. Chief designer OK Antonov and a group of designers are discussing a new model of the aircraft.

Assembly of the aircraft in the assembly shop of one of the plants.

AN-24 aircraft leaves the assembly shop.

Type of the flying field of the airfield.

The AN-24 plane takes off.

The pilot at the helm of the plane.

2 plot.

Secrets of the old pond.

General view of an abandoned pond.

Lilies are being blossomed (time-lapse photography).

Duck with ducklings in a pond.

The type of microorganisms taken from the microscope that inhabit the pond: crustaceans, ciliates, bryozoans, etc.

Reel №3

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3 part.

Continuation of the second story.

Spider-silverfish, water meter, bug-gladysh, larva-caddisfly, dragonfly larvae and dragonflies in the old pond.

General view of the pond.

Artist G. Millar is a story telling about the film-storyteller A.Row (sinhr.).

Reel №4

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Four part.

3 plot.


The interiors of the apartment, where the director A. Rou lived.

Artists in the costumes of the heroes of the film-fairy tale "Varvara-Krasa" are presented to A.Row during one of the anniversaries a gift.

Actor G. Millar in the costume of Baba-Yaga is sitting in an armchair in A.Row's apartment.

Fragment of the film-fairy tales of A.Row "Vasilisa the Beautiful" (without sinnhr.).

General view of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

View of one of the temples.

A boy who imagines himself a Russian hero, walks through the forest with a sword and shield, sits on the shore of a pond.

Photos of A. Roau for different periods of his life.

Fragments of the film-fairy tales of A. Roau "By the Pike's Command."

Reel №5

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5 part.

Continuation of the 3rd story.

Newsreel footage of the Second World War: German armored cars with soldiers are traveling along the road, the offensive of tanks, German aircraft in the air, drop bombs Over peaceful settlements of the Soviet Union, Soviet artillery fires on the enemy, a festive victory over Moscow in 1945.

Fragments of the film-fairy tale "A. Row" Kashchei immortal ", among the artists employed in these fragments - G. Millar-Kashchei immortal, S. Stolyarov - Ivanushka, etc.

Working moments of the shooting of the fairy tale film by A. Roau "Morozko"; Among the artists on the set: N. Sydikh, G. Millar and others.

A type of sketches for the film "Frosty".

Fragments of A.Rou's fairy tale film "Morozko" (sync and without sound); Among artists engaged in fragments: I. Churikova, T. Peltzer, G. Millar, A. Khvylya, and others.

The artist G. Millar in the home environment is considering an album with photos.

Reel №6

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6 part.

Continuation of the 3rd story.

Film director A. Roau on the shooting of the film-fairy tale "Morozko": talking with the actors G. Millar.

And A.Zueva on the set.

General view of the "Golden Lion" - the main prize of the International Film Festival in Venice, which was received by A. Roau for the film "Morozko."

The children sit in the cinema, watch the film.

General view of children's drawings on the theme of fairy-tales A. Roe.

Children's letters to A.Row.