Construction and architecture 1980 № 5

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Director: Slomyansky B.

Script writers: Ahtirskij K., Slyusarev Yu., Klyachko V., Nikolaev G.

Editor: Vengerova V.

Operators: Kasumov K., Belov I., Sudejkin V.

Text writers: Scherbachenko M.

Recordist: Roginskaya N.


1. "Monuments of military glory." On the device for loosening frozen ground. 4. "How to harden the tree." On the technology of plasticisation of low-value wood species with ammonia.

Reel №1

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1 "Do not fade feat."

Brezhnev rides in an open car through the streets of Novorossiysk.

Monument to the defenders of Novorossiisk in WWII.

Destroyed during the war, the House of Culture.

Cement factory.

Broken wagons.


Newsreel 1941-1945 .: Boats Black Sea

Memorial defenders Little Earth.

Death Valley.

Newsreel 1941-1945 .: German planes in the air.

Monument of shell fragments.

Veterans at the monument.

Presentation of the hero-city of Novorossiysk Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" L. Brezhnev.

2 "embossed concrete."

Residential architecture of Tashkent.

Employees of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute for the job.

Fabrication of patterned concrete panels.

Using panels in decoration of buildings, subway stations.

3 "Screw - Wedge".

Construction worker digging frozen ground, ground drills.

Experimental device merzlotoryhlitelya.

Test screw-wedge.

4 "How to harden the wood."

Woodworking factory.

Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia).

Impregnation of wood ammonia.

Manufacture of parts for the interior.

The interiors are made of wood.


Brezhnev L.I.





Industry; Science; Towns and countries; Construction; World War II
Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature; History