Seasons Of The Year. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Script writers: Soloukhin V.

Operators: Pankin L., Shmakov N.

Composers: Bunin R.


The film is about the nature, about various seasons of the year.

Temporary description

Spring. Ice drift; thawed patches in the forest, the first flowers. Flying birds. Blooming apple trees, a bee on a branch. Lilies of the Valley in the woods. Flowering cherries. Summer. Flowering buckwheat, flowers, clover, grass, mow, mown grass. Female rakes hay. River, beach, girl in water. A field of wheat. Summer rain from the storm. Kids eat strawberries. Autumn. Cleaning grain harvesters. Collection of apples in the orchards. Leaves are falling. Mushroom hunter in the woods. Fly birds with ice branch. Winter. Trees in the snow. Winter wood. In the forest run elk, fox, wolf. Blizzard. The trees showered snow. Little Fur-Trees in the forest. Christmas trees in homes. Children slide down a hill. Girls and boys go to the troika. Athletes-piste skiers at the boy jumps from a springboard. Frozen water in the river, the fish under the ice.

Reel №1

Flying bird - a common, average plans.

Ice drift on the river - the general plan.

Thaw in the forest.

Spring flowers.

Birds in the sky.

Boiling water - general, secondary plans.

Blooming apple trees.


Panorama of birches.

Birds on a branch.

Swifts in the sky.


Lily of the valley.


A bee on a flower.

Branches of cherry.

Chamomile - different plans.

The girl with boys.

On the river floats bouquet, the river with the movement.

Panorama from the road to the field.

Flowering buckwheat.

Girl picking flowers.




Flowers - different plans.



Mown grass mowers.

Girl rakes hay mows youth.

River and beach.

The boys on the beach.

Swim girl.

River, shot through the trees.

Road through the wheat field.

The cows in the river.

Lying kid.

Forest, clouds, the wind begins.

Swaying daisies, ears of wheat.

Ducks on the lake.

Lightning, rain.

Ending rain.

Clouds in the sky.

Haystacks in the field.

The moon in the sky.

Boats on the river, the boat floats.

The moon over the river.

Woods on a moonlit night.


Forest, trees in the forest - different plans.

Boy chases geese to the river.

The girl picked strawberries.

Kids eat strawberries.

Reel №2

Wheat field - view.

Harvest - works combine, spilling grain.

Apple orchard.

Harvesting apples.

Autumn landscape, fall leaves.

The branches of a maple.

Mushrooms - different plans.

People in the forest to collect mushrooms.

Hand takes the mushroom.

Basket with mushrooms.

Rowan branch, autumn landscape.

House on the leaves in the water.

Birds fly away.

Autumn landscape.

Icy branch in the woods.

In the forest, it is snowing.

Winter landscape.

Trees in the snow, the Christmas tree in the snow.

Frost on the branches of trees.

Winter forest.

Tractor driven by felled trees.

View of the moose, fox runs.

Skiing is a hunter.

Wolf runs.

Blizzard - different plans.

The trees showered snow.

Christmas tree in the forest.

Winter forest.

Houses (evening plan).

In the light burning.

Tree (shot through the window.)

Children laugh, kids slide down the hill.

Passing three, boys and girls on the top three.

Slalom - different plans.

The boy jumps from a springboard.


Frozen River.

Fish under the ice.

Bird on a tree branch.

From the tops of the trees showered snow.

Panorama from the trees on the creek.

Flowing stream.

Icicles, drops.


The birds.

Ice drift.

Rooks on the branches.

Ice Motion (shot through the branches of trees).