A Great Russian Surgeon.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Genina I.

Operators: Akkuratov E.


To the 150th anniversary of Nikolay Pirogov's birthday (Nikolay Pirogov is a famous Russian surgeon).

Historical background

150 years ago was born Nikolai Pirogov - great Russian scholar, a tireless experimenter, educator and social activist.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the Russian scientist and surgeon, teacher and public figure of NI Pirogov. Exhibits of the museum-estate of NI Pirogov in Vinnitsa region and the Leningrad Military-Medical Museum reveals the life and career of the scientist. Proceedings of NI Pirogov: doctoral dissertation, "Surgical Anatomy", "Topographic Anatomy," "The beginning of military surgery," "Military-medical business." Portraits, letters, art paintings, depicting the activities of NI Pirogov as a surgeon in the military field during the Crimean (1853-1856) and the Russian-Turkish (1877-1878 years) wars; his stay abroad: in Germany, France and Italy. Surgical instruments, medicines, personal belongings, decorations, belonging to NI Pirogov. Medical institutions, hospitals, streets in the city of Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Kiev, named after NI Pirogov. City of Moscow. 27-th All-Union Congress of Surgeons (23-31 May 1960). Present: NN Blokhin, PA Kupriyanov, BV Petrovskii, AA Vishnevsky. Professor Rufanov makes a report on NI Pirogov.

Reel №1

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Pirogov.

Old Moscow.



Hit a home where he was born Pirogov.

Painting - "Professor Mukhin bedside brother N. Pirogov".

Mukhin - sculpture.

NI Pirogov petition for university faculty of medicine.

University building.

Picture - "The dormitory.

Sits N. Pirogov.

Reading poetry. "

Diploma of a doctor's graduation N. Pirogov - close-up.

Portrait of Pirogov-boys - close-up.

The overall plan of Tartu (Dorpat), which was directed N. Pirogov to prepare for an academic career - hitting at the University of Dorpat.

PNRM. by dissecting.

Scientific work of NI Pirogov - close-up.

Portrait of Professor Moyer - teachers Pirogov - close-up.

The picture of the "pie in the house Moyer."

Panorama of the clinic.

Portrait of Nikolai Pirogov (middle-aged) - close-up.

Doctoral dissertation Pirogov - close-up.

Assembly Hall of the University of Dorpat.

Chandeliers - general, close-up.

Professorial chair.

Portrait of Nikolai Pirogov professor.

The influx of the medal, which was awarded for his work Pirogov in the "Surgical Anatomy" - close-up.

Parin shots - Painting "N. Pies at the famous surgeon Velpeau. "



Peter and Paul Fortress.

Medical-Surgical Academy (building) - the average, the overall plan.

The influx of a document on the establishment of the anatomical institute at the building of the Institute of Hospital and Clinics, where he taught N. Pirogov - a common, average plans.

Plan an evening of Leningrad with the Neva.

The picture of the "pie on the waterfront."

The picture of the "pie home for work."

Night over Leningrad - the general plan.

Book NI Pirogov "Topographic anatomy."

Salt village in the Caucasus - the overall plan.

The picture of the "pie in the front for the first time conditions shall apply to the operation of air anesthesia."

Book Pirogov "practical medicine and surgery."

Personnel of the Crimean War in 1854 - the defense of Sevastopol (shoot guns, smoke, run the sailors).

Paintings - A cake with a nurse.

Pies apply a plaster cast.

Pies operates wounded.

Pirogov typhus barracks at the bedside.

In moments of rest Pirogov wrote letters.

Books, Sebastopol letters Pirogov.

The book "Principles of military surgery."

Portrait Pirogov.

"Sea Collection", the influx of the article Pirogov "Life Matters."

The building of Odessa Lyceum (N. Pirogov appointed trustee of the Odessa school district).

The newspaper "Odessa Herald," Pirogov article in the newspaper - close-up.

The building of Odessa guardianship.

The building of the Kiev guardianship (N. Pirogov - Kiev school district trustee).

The painting "Sunday school for adults."

Painting «N. Pies among students at Kiev University.

Magazine "The Bell" - close-up.

Reel №2

Portrait of Nikolai Pirogov - close-up.

The overall plan of a German city, where he was sent to N. Pirogov to guide young Russian scientists aimed to Germany to prepare for an academic career.

The overall plan La Spezia in Italy, where he was going N. Pirogov to help seriously wounded Garibaldi - national hero.

Cherry village near Vinnitsa, where he settled N. Pirogov.

Cabin Pirogov.

Ambulatory created Pirogov.

The painting "Pirogov accepts patients peasants."

Recipe - close-up.

First aid kit Pirogov.

Shooting guns (shots of Russian-Turkish war).

Portrait of an old Pirogov.

Hospital - a tent.

The book "Military medical business."

Evening plan village Cherry.

Pirogov house, hit a two lighted windows.

Painting «N. Pirogov wrote diary. "

"Diary of an old doctor" - the manuscript - close-up.

Multrabota - telegrams N. Pirogov (the fiftieth anniversary of the scientific and social activities) - close-up.

Repin's painting "Meeting Pirogov, who came to celebrate his birthday in Moscow" - a common, average plans.

Diplomas and commemorative gifts.

Photo NI Pirogov.

Disease diagnosis Pirogov - "cancer" - close-up.


House in the village of Cherry, hit a window.

Cabinet Pirogov.



The coffin with the embalmed body of Pirogov.

General view of the village of Cherry - now the village Pirogovo.

House-Museum of Pirogov.

Memorial plaque - the average plan.

Visitors to the museum (youth).

Tools Pirogov.

Preparations made them.


Panorama of orders Pirogov.

Panorama of firs.

Spruce, planted Pirogov in 1862.

Bust Pirogov.

Hospital Pirogov Vinnitsa - the general plan.

Pirogov Street in Kiev - the average plan.

Monument Pirogov in Tartu - LS.

Medical Institute.

Pirogov in Odessa - the overall plan.

Nab them.

Pirogov in Leningrad - panorama.

Pirogovskaya street in Moscow - the average plan.

(23/5-1960 g) of the 27th All-Union Congress of Surgeons in the Hall of Columns.

Present in the room - the general plan.

Present at the Congress: The President of the Academy of Medical Sciences Blokhin, Lenin Prize largest Soviet surgeons PA Kupriyanov, BV Petrovsky, AA Vishnevsky - big plans.


The report is a professor Rufanov (report focuses on the merits of NI Pirogov - the father of Russian surgery).

A few plans for the listeners in the room - large, medium plans.

Panorama on the street in Moscow, there is a group of students.

Close-up - hand puts a rose at the monument Pirogov.

Roses at the monument.

A panorama of the monument.