Viva, Cuba!. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bubrik S.

Script writers: Kublickiy G.

Operators: Komarov V., Lebedev O.

Composers: Vasilev V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kublickiy G.


About the modern revolutionary Cuba.

Historical background

Film about modern revolutionary Cuba, in 1959, cast off the yoke of the bloody dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

Temporary description

Cuba. Carnival in Havana. Newsreel. Batista at the parade. Dispersal rally in Havana. Castro, R. Castro among the guerrillas. Entry on Jan. 1, 1959 in Havana Army liberty. The people welcomed Fidel Castro. Types of Havana. Monument to Jose Marti. Soviet exhibition in Havana. Among the visitors Cuban poet N. Guillen. Institute of Agrarian Reform. Work on the sugar cane plantations. Construction of new homes in the city of Havana. Rally in Havana. Pass the people's militia units. Favor of Castro.

Reel №1

On the modern revolutionary Cuba.

Motorcyclists open carnival.

Passing autoplatforms decorated with dancing girls.

Pass mask.

Laughing and cheering spectators (all night).

Daytime shooting:

Havana from the helicopter - a few plans.


Helicopter over Havana.

Boy and girl in national dress looking out of the window of the Soviet helicopter (they got lucky ticket number on the Soviet exhibition).

Children on the ground near the helicopter performed a song and play the guitar.

The piano playing and singing Negro.

Visitors to the Soviet exhibition.

Among the visitors to the Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen - the average plan.

The tour guide regales visitors Soviet chocolate Soviet cigarettes.

Two Cuban try on fur coats.

The guide shows visitors the wooden dolls.

Hands open doll - close-up.

Visitors view the layout of the village Kalinovka.

Models of Soviet satellites - the average plan.

Says revolutionary and scholar Antonio Nunez Jimenez - the average plan.

Visitors make entries in the guestbook - medium, large plans.

Building of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform - close-up.

Group of Cubans in the institute, are sitting at the table.

Road (with motion).

Sugar plantations (helicopter).

Harvesting sugar cane by hand, working men.

Laying cane on a cart with oxen.

Driven cane.

Panorama of the village co-operative "Free Cuba."

Construction of a new home.

Man hands the keys to the new cottage woman.

The woman's face - close-up ..

Embankment, parapet, with his back to the audience, sitting Negro.

Multrabota - the island of Cuba.

Podtsvechennye black-and-white footage: engravings depicting the landing on the Cuban shore from the Spanish caravels of Christopher Columbus, cruelly with the Cubans, Cuban rebels fighting.

Reel №2

Podtsvechennye black-and-white images: a monument for Cuban freedom fighter Jose Marti - the overall plan.

The house where he lived in exile, Jose Marti.

Two portraits of Jose Marti.

U.S. troops in Cuba.

Soldiers welcomed the dictator Batista.

Batista with troops - the average plan.

The huts are poor.

Poor peasants.

Plots of land, surrounded by barbed wire - the patrimony of American masters.

The sign "bait" - private property - close-up.

Villas rich (with us).

Bank building in Havana - the overall plan.


Hands are laid card - close-up.

Batista welcomes American tourists.


Protesters clash with police.



Arm encircles the city circle

Santiago, in which Batista suppressed attempt at revolt.

Portrait of a young Fidel Castro - a close-up.

Panorama of the mountains of Sierra Maestra.

There is a group of partisans.

Castro among partisans "bearded".


Close-up - Raul Castro - Fidel Castro's brother (headed 6th column).

Ernesto Guevara - the commander of the 8th Cavalry rebel army - medium, large plans.

Entry into Havana, the army 1/1-1959 freedom.

Jubilant people welcomed Fidel Castro.

Castro says (on his shoulder white dove) - the average plan.

Colored frames:

One of the villas Batista, is given to children.

Play and children - medium, large plans.

University building in Havana - the overall plan.

It takes a group of students.

Street with traffic, far seen the Capitol.

The dome of the Capitol - close-up.

Obelisk in memory of Jose Marti.

Monument to his associate Antonio Masso.

On the boulevard sitting boy and girl, black, read a newspaper, two elderly people.

Sellers of fruit and sweets on the streets.

The outskirts of Havana.

Dwelling poor.

Construction of new buildings and cottages.

Former barracks Batista cast schoolchildren.

Jubilant people.

Harvesting sugar cane.

The identity card of the American pilot Ellis Frost, the plane that exploded in the bombing of civilians.

Safe-conduct pilot.

Photo exploded in the port of Havana steamer "La Kubra."


Fidel Castro stands - the average plan.

Pass militia forces (in civilian clothes).

People's militia received military training.

Flag of the Republic of Cuba (rinsed in the wind) - close-up.